Monday, November 15, 2010

Kiko and the Lavender Moon Meet The BlakOpal Fiorente Gown

Kiko and the Lavender Moon Meet The BlakOpal Fiorente Gown
Ah Monday Mondays can't trust that day !!!!
In any World really ...
Breezy had logged on to the Grid .. Never know what to expect ..
As she has been crashing so most often of late .. *frowns*
When all of a sudden a Magical Surprise Came her way !!!
ladies , Behold Blak Opal's Latest Release
The BlakOpal Fiorente Gown - Lavender-
What a fun, pretty , Beautiful Kick this ensemble is !!!
The Textures are rich, The Cut Devine and The Colors are Brilliant !
" Sexy and stunning, the Fiorente Gown is very versatile as well. The dress can be worn as a long-sleeved gown with short overskirt and long sheer underskirt, or you can wear it with the low-cut top with either the long or short skirts, in any number of combinations."
BlakOpal Fiorente Gown - Lavender
"The gown itself is covered with flowers, from the heavily embroidered velvet bodice and flowing lace sleeves, to the sheer delicately embroidered top."

"There is an accent of tribal-patterned floral silk on the bust and accents on the hems of both skirts and sleeves. The outfit is finished off with coordinating panties, and sheer stockings held up with flower-trimmed garters."
The BlakOpal Fiorente Gown - Lavender-
• Long-sleeved top
• Lace sleeves
• low-cut top
• Short skirt
• Long skirt
• Panty
• Stockings
This item comes with copy + modify permissions, which enable you to create your own outfit combinations, and customize the fit on your avatar if you choose. It may also be purchased as a gift from the display in the store.
available in Red and Pink , Blue and a Bk&white combo coming soon
at their main shop or buy it on Market Place !
The Grid is really intended for fun !
Sure many have made and found business on the grid..
But in any world one just really has to enjoy and love what they do !!
And Ms BlakOpal Still Loves it !! Just look at the cut , flow and details to this creative ..
Los Lobos's Kiko and the Lavender Moon just is a fun classic tune
as Blakopal's Orginal designs are becoming Classics to many of we
on the grid .. thank you for stopping by seeya next time !!

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