Monday, November 29, 2010

Let's Start that Holiday Shopping Shall We ???

Let's Start that Holiday Shopping Shall We ???
Greetings .. Starting December 1st 2010
Breezy is most excited to present The 12 Days of Fashion
For your Holiday Looks and Into The New Year
12 fabulous Designers , 12 Spectacular Creative Styles .Followed by Holiday Gifts
Eight of the Fashion Designers, Happen to Have Shops in Beautiful Sleek Seraph City ..
So what better Please for Breezy to do Her Intro to this Most Special
Classic Holiday Season Collection !
The Pose and Prop animations for this Fun Blog are from
GLITTERATI - Shopping.
Five poses with props, for when you've shopped yourself silly!
Shopping bags and boxes are mod, so you are able to put your store logo on there if you'd like to use these for marketing material
The Darling Suit ensemble is From Donna Flora
This Suit comes with Hat, gloves and is sleek ,smart & Eloquent
Guaranteed to Make Heads Turn !!
Visit Donna Flora Today
Have fun in Your Second Life , Tell your story or create with fun creative
with the help of these Modest Talents laced with Your own Imagination !
The Sky is so not the limit in this World ... *Smile*
Aren't these animations and Props from GLITTERATI Fun ???
With so many bags and views think of the fun you can have ...
So let's review breezy has gone shopping as an intro
To Introduce the first of her Two Holiday Themed
December Blogs
The First Starting December 1st is Virtually Gender Classic Holiday Fashion
The Second Grouping Shall Be Virtually Classic Holiday Gift !!
Ohhh gotta run .. Thanks for Stopping by ..
toot toot waves to Cutea from Grim Bros ..
See ya Soon !!!
Oh the video below .. heh ! Well they sort of got the males .. wink!

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