Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Period Journey with Donna Flora wearing *CHAKRA*

A Period Journey with Donna Flora wearing *CHAKRA*
Ladies this is a fun classy sleek design from Donna FLora !!
Indeed Donna Flora is a name many know for period clothing and jewelry!!!!
The name of this darling Donna Flora ensemble is *CHAKRA*
The cut and style is sleek, classy Period Couture !
Miss Squinternet Larnia is unlike any other creative artist on the
grid .. She is relentless in bringing new Period couture and jewels to us week after week !!
She is honest humble and has a most powerful passion to please her clients !
Be it the 1920s ,30s,40s,50s,60s .. Donna Flora nails each decade
with original decadent styles that Pop & shine !!
Indeed wear Your fantasies , have fun with these fun Donna Flora Period Fashion Statements !
Visit Donna Flora today and Make *CHAKRA* your own !!
Breezy adds Pink Sweded Pumps from Paper Couture
The Umbrella and it's cute poses from
Breezy has been having some wicked weather in real life for ..
many days !! *grins* ..
Photos shot in Breezy's home away from home
The Spectacular Seraph City

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RF said...

Breezy, you are as stunning as always! You ought to be in (or take more) pictures, madam!