Thursday, November 4, 2010

Straight from Fantasy China Dynasty Land :PRINCESS TAIPING

Part of the fun of The Grid is to explore far away places and times ..
Breezy is wearing PRINCESS TAIPING
Fantasy China Dynasty Land.
Our time now is QING MING Dynasty , come explore the mysteries at the Legend, builds are all accurate to the Period and looks almost as in RL , Our shop will provide you all you need to feel like from a long forgotten dynasty.
Indeed Breezy feels like a Princess of a Lost far away Empire
Breezy was quite impressed with the happiness that is shown behind this build
Upon arriving she was greeted with a wonderful welcome !
we have new location!! and we rebuild our sim in a different way .
and the theme is QING MING dynasty -Forbidden City
builds are all accurat to the Period and looks almost as in RL
Upon your landing you will be amazed by the simple beauty that surround you
pls walk around and enjoy the Amazing BUILDS AND SURROUNDINGS
Our shop will provide you all you need to feel Royal, from a long Forgotten Dynasty, explore and look at the gardens , spend time with friends, take a moment to sit and meditate at the Buddha garden and explore the Gallery that is just near it .
Stone Ryba's Design MAIN STORE featuring traditional chinese ,japanese, korean,gaisha ,Tibet and Tang Dynesty clothing delivered by the AMAZING imaginatIon of Stone Ryba.
stone created 2 costums for man and woman witch will be given for only 10 L !!!!!!
for man :
for woman :
search around the store and find the costumes that are for more then 50 % OFF
In Our MM at the main store , also new creation @@@)
zhanzhao - chinese hero
Tang lady amzing dress and hair
ONLY 100 L items ...and much more !!!.....ALI'S Textures store :
sculpted frame builders pack for only 99 L ....ANIMATED DANCING FIRE ONLY 99 l
on the offer board , NEW sculpted Roof decorations
More special prices in the left side of the store !!! 10 L 100 L.....worth to see!!
AelKennyr Rhiano Store : Elven Long House only 10 L
Art Gallery: in the Galery you can see much of the Art Of alial allen and Jossy Joffe
Heaven Palace :
And Of course Our Ship!!
Stone Ryba,Alial Allen and Peter Bowler
THis is the way it is suppose to be .. Happiness and beauty for all to see !!!
Enjoy Your second life , Make a point to look to the left and look to the Right !!
There is so much beauty here ..
Breezy is Wearing an original design by Miss Stone Ryba called
Below the history of this Princess of Peace .. Often Beauty comes to a most tragic end !!
Princess Taiping (Chinese: 太平公主; pinyin: Tàipíng Gōngzhǔ, lit. "Princess of Peace", personal name unknown[1]) (died 2 August 713[2]) was a princess of the Chinese dynasty Tang Dynasty and her mother Wu Zetian's Zhou Dynasty. She was the youngest daughter of Wu Zetian and Emperor Gaozong and was powerful during the reigns of her mother and her elder brothers Emperor Zhongzong and Emperor Ruizong (both of whom reigned twice), particularly during Emperor Ruizong's second reign.
Eventually, however, a rivalry developed between her and her nephew, Emperor Ruizong's crown prince Li Longji, and after Emperor Ruizong yielded the throne to Li Longji (as Emperor Xuanzong) in 712, the conflict came to the political forefront, and in 713, Emperor Xuanzong, according to historical records, believing that she was planning to overthrow him, acted first, executing a large number of her allies and forcing her to commit suicide.

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