Saturday, November 27, 2010

Stunning From Blacklace

Stunning From Blacklace
Blacklace presents The first corset in Their ‘Intimates Holiday Collection" is Stunning by Vollers.
Stunning is just that- stunning. The luxury of gold satin, with a black lace overlay will take your breath with its classic elegance. The set is completed by black satin panties and sheer thigh high stockings with a lace band. This set is rich with detail, and we know you expect nothing less
than that from Blacklace, and Mariska Simons delivers beautifully.
Each piece comes in multiple layers (except the stockings) for your convenience.
Stunning is at the store now, and along with the Blacklace set, you will get a code to receive $25.00 off the set at
so you can be stunning in both worlds!
Taxi to Blacklace and Stunning by Vollers
Mariska Simons, the designer behind Blacklace Lingerie, is excited to announce a partnership with Tamar Rexen (inSL) the exclusive distributor of beautiful corsets made in real life by Vollers, The Corset Company, established in 1899. Mariska will be recreating a small, exclusive line of corsets that you will also be able to buy in real life! Not only that, but Blacklace customers who buy these products in Second Life will receive a code for a $25.00 discount on ANY corset from
Mariska has always taken care of her customers, with gifts and her stance on providing excellent customer service, and has insured that her beloved family of Blacklace customers will receive a generous discount!
Tamar Rexen (inSL), owner of A Beautiful Corset, and exclusive distributor of the authentic corset by Vollers The Corset Company said “We are excited to partner with Blacklace in Second Life to create the first Vollers virtual corset product. We will be introducing half a dozen corsets over the holiday season and Blacklace customers who purchase the items in Second Life will receive a code with each product, to receive a $25.00 discount off their first Vollers corset product from
all through the holiday season”.
Mariska Simons CEO
Gemini Galatea CMO
Stunning comes in Red with Black, Black and Gold ..
Don't Miss this Beautiful Collection From Blacklace !!
by Amy Lowell
I will mix me a drink of stars, --
Large stars with polychrome needles,
Small stars jetting maroon and crimson,
Cool, quiet, green stars.
I will tear them out of the sky,
And squeeze them over an old silver cup,
And I will pour the cold scorn of my Beloved into it,
So that my drink shall be bubbled with ice.
It will lap and scratch
As I swallow it down;
And I shall feel it as a serpent of fire,
Coiling and twisting in my belly.
His snortings will rise to my head,
And I shall be hot, and laugh,
Forgetting that I have ever known a woman.


Fogwoman Gray said...

How wonderful! I immediately recognized the Vollers name. So fascinating that this company has chosen to demonstrate their products in Second Life. Also brilliant to do so, as I am sure many of our other Steamlands residents also shop for corsets for offline as well as online use :)

Breezy Carver said...

*Big smile*
I do Concur with you, Vollers is a name we all can trust & really are just stunning all of them mho !!!
I also feel in 2010 this is a great story !

RF said...

Again, an excellent review, Breezy!

Breezy Carver said...

whispers Thank You Sir !