Saturday, December 31, 2011


Happy and Healthy New Years to All !!!
On Breezy's 300th post of 2011 she waves good-bye to the Old
and welcomes the New !!
The Year of 2011 has been a memorable one ..
Full of up and downs .. and to be honest so ready to close the Door on it .
and  Welcome in 2012 .. it even reads as well as sounds right !!
 The Winter weather has been Most kind thus far ..
Alas that shall be changing to ..
Wearing an adorable Pine Fairy to Welcome
that too !! 
 Where ever you be ..  Wishing YOU  Love , Peace , Happiness , Kindness .
Good Health and most of all
Never stop believing the Best is always Yet to come !!!
Happy 2012 to All ..
Pine Dryad ~WINTER~ Outfit
 by Caverna Obscura
Pine Dryad Hair ~WINTER~
by Caverna Obscura
From the winter wonderland comes a new creature, the Pine Dryad. Her bark is hard as ice and her needles soft as snow. Pine Dryads are evergreens and conifers, and thus prosper in colder climates. When the winter comes and all other trees stand bare in the snow Pines show off their lush coats twinkling with fluffy snowflakes in the pale rays of winter sun.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Let The Beauty of GIzza's Dark Swan Gown Entice YOU !!

Dark Swan Gown (Miss Virtual World) – GIZZA

Entice YOU !!!!!!

 jewels Donna Flora
Skin LeLutka
Hair Exile
The Complete Look .. Saucy Steamy and Classic ..
Gizza takes you to a time .. any time YOU are wearing  The Dark Swan Gown
To Mystery and Excitement !
Visit and Purchase This Gown Soon
Its waiting for YOU  At Gizza Designs
The top hat and mask come with the  lace and Feathered Jeweled Gown ..
The entire ensemble Most reasonable in Price
but Outstanding in Couture !
Keep The Dreams and safe the Drama for the Style and on The pages ..
Your own pages for flair and wear ..
Happy and Healthy and Most Steamy New Year To all ..
Visit Gizza today .. You shall be so Glad YOU did !!

Sascha Designs Formal and Classy Casuals Presents The Elixer Gown

The Elixer Formal Gown
By Sascha Deisgns
Sascha Designs Formal and Classy Casuals
Elixer Formals In Blue
ah yes  and for some Sweet Sascha  Designs
Elixer Formals In Blue by Sascha Designs
All the formal gowns come with the following options:
 3 seperate gowns in each vender . Breezy shares shades of Blue
* Top
* Straps
* Skirt
* Pants
* Stola
* Grande Flexi Skirt

 Elixer Formals In Blue
Sascha Designs
The colors and textures in this latest  Sascha collection are electrifying !!
Eye Candy Indeed !!

 Elixer Formals In Blue
Sascha Designs

 Elixer Formals In Blue
Sascha Designs

Elixer Formals In Blue
from Sascha Designs

Thursday, December 29, 2011

FineSmith Gold and Red Hunt Going On Now To January 2nd !!

This is a fun and quite Special Hunt !!!
The Exquisite Decadent Designs of FineSmith Jewelers
FineSmith Gold & Red Hunt
The FineSmith Gold andRed Hunt. Each item sells for 1-100L
13 spectacular collective Items !!
and the item is worth much more than you pay for it.
Every Single item on this wonderful and fun Hunt is well worth your time .
You will have fun and see the beauty of FineSmith Designs .
Jewels Created with Passion !
Red and Gold Hunt @ FineSmith Jewelers
Don't miss this delightful Chance to own these stunning pieces !!
Each one is waiting just for YOU !!
Go there Now
Breezy wears  Shae Earrings .  Shae Bracelet ,  Shae Broach .
 FineSmith Gold and Red Nails .. and Gold and Red Ring 
Each of these items, You can now find  on this Beautiful  Hunt !
Breezy wears  Gizza Red Gown Holiday Group Gift ..
Join Gizza and grab it .. smiles

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Grim Bros Tick Tocs In The Year Year with The Tic Toc Tensai Gown

This is the Ultimate In Clockwork Doll Couture .. In Steam punk  Couture
and it is a most special Grim Bros Design
For it is a collaboration of Cutea Benelli and Tensai Hilra
Grim Bros is Proud to Present
tic toc tensai gown
- steampunk clockwork gown
 (dress, hat, heels)
Grim Bros Tick Tocs In The Year Year with  The Tic Toc Tensai Gown
This Steamy  Vintage  Ensemble ..
Starts with the most beautiful Top Hat .
with working gears a Spectacular Clock !!
Rich in Fashion .. Elegance .. Fun Whimsy Creative !!
It has to be .. It is Grim Bros !!
Wearing this Gown is like a  pure sensuous Dream .
The clocks that are around the hoop skirt
The elegant lace textures
The bold Steamy Saucy Look is  virtual Bliss !!
Now in world
you know YOU want it ..
Don't Miss this Beautiful Gown !!! 
The Tic Toc Tensai Gown
A fantasy steampunk dress that uses almost all we can use in SL today to create a fantastic look: mesh parts, sculpt parts, regular prim parts. shine, alpha and even some animated parts (on the hat).
this clockwork dress is always on time: with the lovely mesh clocks ,created by Tensai Hilra, that are actually working and displaying SL time! Other than that, the dress shows off a sweet combination of solid shiny metal textures with intricate wrought iron textures, of primwork with layer clothing. please take a look at the images to see what this dress looks like.
The included hat is identical with the "tic toc tensai tophat" (unisex) which can also be found on the marketplace - except for the base texture of the hat.
** Also please check the freebies On Market Place From Grim Bros
Skin Glam Affair

Monday, December 26, 2011

Gizza Presents Tea in The Sahara with love ...

 Gizza Presents Tea in The Sahara
 The Look Pure Gizza ..
Smiles ..
Gizza Creations continue to seek to create quality clothes with realistically textured,
chic and high-fashion outfits. A variety of designs are created by Giz Seorn and Auster Elan.
Visit Gizza Today  
Breezy Loves Gizza !!!
Heck we all Love Gizza
Sleek designs , cut to fit and textures to move and make You Shine !!
You are wearing Gizza !!
 Gizza Presents Tea in The Sahara
Stunning , With Lace, Satin.. and Chic ..  Gizza Presents Tea in The Sahara  in Red !!
With Love Again Hunt Still going strong
brought to YOU by Chic Management
Above Breezy wears Gizza's Prize on The With Love Again Hunt !!!
The With Love Hunt 2 will be the fifth CHIC Management hunt with 100 participating brands & will begin on December 9th & run till January 6th. Each hunt Item will be for sale at 10L with a Value at or around 400L or More. The concept for this hunt is simple; thanking customers for their loyal support throughout the year.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Blacklace to warm ya all cause .. Baby its Cold Outside ....

Blacklace has a new design out for this weeks TOSL…and its time to celebrate!

Blacklace Santa’s Baby for ToSL

This week we have a limited edition colour of Santa’s Baby in pink for Taste of SL. This is 99L for one week only and includes a velvet corset with fur trim, lacey panties, garters and stockings on multiple layers plus a set of snowflake jewellery and a pink Santa hat. All prims are modifiable and resizeable.

In The Spirit of The Season .. Share Care and Give
Blacklace always is the very best in showing you care
Gift Cert available !!!!
Lil'lace has a new release for you, and its temptingly cute!

Jingle my Bells is a hand drawn buckled corset with festive matching green and gold bra and panties. Adorning this sexy little number is a tiny bow with.. what other little bells!
This is a limited edition set, just for the holidays so hurry to get yours!
 Laya is a Limited Edition Christmas Holiday Release from Blacklace Lingerie. Like all of Blacklace items, it is transfer and available to give as a gift. This set comes in many... many layer options and with an X rated option too for the more playful at heart. The antlers, harness, belt & collar is mod.
In World
and on Market Place

In World
or on Market Place
Rush to grab this limited holiday Release On Market Place
Or In World '

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Grim Bros For Christmas Oh Yes !!!!

 This is the Wonderful world of Grim Bros .
Cutea is a Most Special Creative whimsy Passionate Gal .
At Christmas time Her Spectacular World of Grim Bros.
Opens it arms to all ..
On Market Place
In World
 Breezy had a dream .. She was wearing  a Gorgeous Gown From Grim Bros .
The Textures are just most brilliant , Vintage and always Most Original .
In World

this is the latest in shoulder reindeer technology!

ok, actually it's just a rather cute shoulder critter and not very technological at all. it's a tiny red-nosed reindeer that hangs over your shoulder and looks around. it moves its head and blinks and wiggles its wacky eyes in nervous and weird ways. rather cute in a not very pretty way :)
Rudy is so relaxed that on touch, he will play a christmasy tune (two versions included in the box: a harmonious "have yourself a merry little Christmas" and a somewhat wacky cartoon voice singing "deck the hall"). Rudolph wears a little Santa hat because he is in a festive mood.
please note: this fits best for smaller avatars with narrow shoulders. your mileage may vary.
ALSO NOTE: You _must not resize_ Rudolph (resizing messes up the animation and will end up looking very awful and somewhat painful to the reindeer)
In World

On Market Place

Visit Grim Bros Today In World
Come See the Skating Sheep !!!! The amazing designs and whimsy creative 
 In World

The World of Grim Bros
Fashion that Indeed Makes a Statement
with creative fun beautiful Textures and Designs
In World

To Cutea a very special lady and Breezy would like to think a dear most thoughtful and kind Friend.
Merry Christmas
A Most Happy and Healthy New Year
CONTACT INFO For Grim Bros .
Please do not hesitate to contact  (Cutea Benelli) in-world by note card if you have any questions or if something went wrong with xstreet delivery.
dozens and dozens of creative gifts  can be found at the Grim Bros.
 Mainstore, Clematis Island.
While you are there, grab some freebies, slap the MM board and oh, check out for sales and marked down items which we do not offer on Xstreet! We have many wearables, beautiful, extravagant and fun, for male and female avatars.

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Epic Toy Factory In Second Life is Always Alive and Waiting for YOU !!!

The Epic Toy Factory In Second Life is Always Alive and Waiting for YOU !!!
 Well Miss Christmas
Breezy's Miss Christmas Outfit from Boudoir !!!!
 is off To Visit one of her Most Favorite Spots in all Second Life !!
The Epic Toy Factory of Course !!!
Well " I passed through the seven levels of the Candy Cane forest, through the sea of swirly twirly gum drops, and then I walked through the Lincoln Tunnel."

Buddy "Elf"

 The Best Carousel Yet !!!
Where @ The Epic Toy Factory of Course !!
Ride the flying Unicorns and Pick one of the Many  Many themes to play and visit :)
The Imagination of The Toy Maker is Truly Epic .
With so much love and passion placed in each creative !!!!
 Gone Fishing ??  Santa ???
But this is his Busy Time ..  Gosh !!!
The Epic Toy Factory is simply the Best  .. Choclate Included !!
 Your Turn !!!
 Gosh Even the Easter Bunny Pitches in At Christmas Time 
At The Epic Toy Factory !!!
 Maybe a short nap .. nods nods ..
Taps foot .. Breezy needs to stop playing and tend to the toys ..
Epic horse found on the RFH
Epic Rocking Horse found on Hunt
Just click for clues when YOU arrive ..
YOU shall be so glad YOU did !!
Join the Epic Toy Factory Group !!
Have fun exploring , clicking, jumping , riding and don't forget to buy .. !!
Indeed We Do Believe ...
 With Love and Joy to The Toy Maker .. 
One of the most Thoughtful Caring and Giving Hearts on The entire Grid !
Thank you for giving and sharing all  year round .. 
Happy Christmas
Happy and Healthy and Happy New Year 
  to my most special creative friend Mayah  xox ..