Tuesday, August 30, 2011

**~Finesmith jewelry design~** Presents Noir Collection ..

**~Finesmith jewelry design~**
jewelry that  Yula Finesmith loves to make.
* New main store location

**~Finesmith jewelry design~**
The New Collection comes in both  Black and Red ..
With key pieces in Noir .. such as the Parasol and Also a Magic Wand ..
In both Shades  earrings , Bracelet and Ring with A Necklace to die for !!
Breezy is wearing just a few piece of the Lovely Noir Collection !!
Amazing Statement Pieces .. For Couture of Role Play Perhaps :)
* New main store location

On a personal note ..
a special apology and thank you to Miss Yula Finesmith ..
from this blogger ..
Breezy was rushing on the grid and had to log .. Friday afternoon ,
 No excuses  alas My apologies to Miss Yula .. and to all please know
this is a designer who is the real deal .. She loves what she does and is truly beyond generous ..
Take from a girl who is sensitive to a fault ..
Thank YOU Miss Yula if you see this .
 I do hope it makes you smile ..
It is the least i can do for an amazing Artist !!
**~Finesmith jewelry design~**
* New main store location

**~Finesmith jewelry design~**
* New main store location

Friday, August 26, 2011

Chichi of London Presents Pin Up Girl 2 ..... Pow Pow .. !!

Chichi of London 'Pin Up Girl 2'
Bond Never got his hands on This Gal .. (heh!)
What a clever creative From Chchi of London !!
The outfit is darling.. But the Guns .. wink ..  Gotta Love the Working amo on this Design !!
In World
and Market Place ..
About Chichi 'Pinup Girl'
Chichi's 'Pin Up Girl' is a tribute to an Iconic 20th Century Art Form. Pin Up Girl 2 is our own vampy interpretation of a post war Soviet Union style womans ceremonial officer uniform, in two sassy versions-mini dress and short shorts/ jacket combi. Outfit comes complete with cute sailor hat, hairs, heels, and combi wardrobe. A timeless and va-va- voom Creation, from Chichi of London!
In World
On Market Place

In the Box:
~Prim Skirt
~Suspender Belt
~Weapons assortment
** Many Working Guns Ladies !!
Chichi of London- walk in a Customer...walk out a Star!
In World
On Market Place
This Pin Up Gal is Ready and Loaded for all kinds of Action !!
Thanks to Chi Chi of London Pin Up Gal 2
Cute Clever Style  Oh So Much Fun and Guns !!!
So tend to You mission . any Mission really with Chichi of London's New
Pin up Girl 2
In World to Chichi of London
Or Market Place
Yep Mission Complete .. Breezy has Been to Chichi ..
Chichi of London- walk in a Customer...walk out a Star!

Or At least feel good and be so Glad You Did !!
Chichi of London
In World
and On Market Place

Happy 4th Anniversary Avid !! And The New Releases Keep Coming !!

Happy 4th Anniversary Avid !!
Happy 4th Anniversary To Avid !!! 
Breezy recalls visits to this Shop in early Second Life Days quite Well ..
The Look and designs Are Signature Goth/with a Classic Dash of Noble 
 Neo Victorian Lace and Leather touch .
That work quite well in the cross over Steam punk Genre :)
Brilliant textures always
Fun clever accessories as well
Well Done Miss Darwin Mizser
Still at it with her very own Sim Still
A Most Beautiful  Haunting Amazing Web Site
Visit Avid Soon !!

The Looks Saucy .. always from Avid ..
Avid's Latest Release * Paris* is a Fun One !!
The Ensemble has No Less then a Half of Dozen Looks .
The Shoes with sock trims alone  are Just darling .
An Over coat .. A Jacket .. A short Jacket
Hood Up or Down or No Hood at all
Umbrella .. Two Different Purse Looks
Ah the Scarf .. and necklace .. and The hat !! 
Just  a few of the many Looks of Avid's New Release Paris .
Paris from Avid ..
Visit the world of Avid Soon .. Destination with a Signature  Dark Style Always

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bare Rose Tokyo Presents New ❤Glare Night Alley Lady❤

Bare Rose Tokyo  Presents
❤Glare Night Alley Lady❤
Features include shorts, print shirt. striped stockings, arm gaurds,
shoulderpiece, belt with skirting, gloves, shoes, choker, and hair ribbons.
Also included Red, Black, and Purple color trims !
Just Love It !!
The Hair *Trish* From Wasabi Pills
The Thoughts and Battle from a SeaBreeze ..
 Her Gifts Kindness, Passion and  a Big Heart ..
Her Curses .. smiles *same* Kindness ,Passion and Big Heart ...
The Kind acts simply made her feel good .. The Passion *smiles* were her feelings .. heart felt .
❤Glare Night Alley Lady❤
 Ah and The Heart .. smiles .. She lived and earned every piece of it ....
Never looking to compete .. Never looking to take charge .. Good Leaders seldom do ..
For they are the naturals .. They are the ones that lead from and  deep within their hearts ..
If it is too much effort then it is Not for you ..
If YOU love it .. You work hard and it is a Joy ..
It goes for all things in any world .
Simply Embrace and Except there are those better then Yourself ..
Except you can learn each day ..
Except not all are going to love .. even like what you do ..
Make a Point to Ride a Real Carousel when ever ya can  !! 
❤Glare Night Alley Lady❤
 In this world,  SeaBreeze goes to Battle on a Beautiful Wooden Carousel Horse ,
From Chanimations
With a Stunning custom Blade decorated with a Pink Handle and Pink Satin Ribbon ..
She wears Ribbons and Bows in hair .
A style and flare all her own .. Indeed !
You see  She is a Warrior who cares and has heart ..  With her trusty Carousel Black Steed
She shall hope only to make a Lasting Impression ..
This is the best she can wish for .. In any world really ..
 No More No Less .. Not looking to move mountains or shake the trees ..
For with these gifts How can she go wrong .. heh, One would be surprised ..
For the Profound  almost Cruel Internet Courage of Others .. Often are laughable !!
For you see That is her ((any one's really ))  greatest Shield .. a Grand sense of Humor !!
and a vivid Imagination
See you on The Carousel .. waves and twirls
From The Amazing House of
❤Glare Night Alley Lady❤
Hair By Wasabi Pills  called Trish !
The Song ..  Breezy Loves  Loves  The Song ...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Curious Seamstress ..presents Sultry Seamstress lingerie sets

The Curious Seamstress ..presents
Sultry Seamstress lingerie sets
The Sultry Seamstress!
There are several Stunning Sultry Sets ..
Breezy shall start with Just two as an intro
and of course be Back with more ..
Oh La La .. 
Sultry Seamstress - Edwardian - Dark Promises
Black Satin and Leather make up this saucy Set ..
two sets of Gloves and Stockings are Included with this Set .
Sultry Seamstress lingerie sets
The Sultry Seamstress!
Sultry Seamstress - Edwardian - Dark Promises
Sultry Seamstress lingerie sets
The Sultry Seamstress!
Sultry Seamstress - Edwardian - Dark Promises
Sultry Seamstress lingerie sets
The Sultry Seamstress!
Next Up Breezy wears
Sultry Seamstress Corset Set -  In Scarlet Pleasures..
Beautiful Satins and lace ..
Sultry Seamstress lingerie sets
The Sultry Seamstress!

Sultry Seamstress Corset Set - In Scarlet Pleasures..
Sultry Seamstress lingerie sets
The Sultry Seamstress!
Sultry Seamstress Corset Set - In Scarlet Pleasures..
Poses and Props From oOo Studio.
 VignetteTwo . Red Light
Skin and Make up House of LeLutka

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Quick Darling Hit From The House of Drama Ms Sonatta Morales

This blog is dedicated to  Virtual Classic Fashion ..
Classic Fashions are just that ,The Ones that make it through the years ..
Not so much a mere fad,or some  over the top trend
 but a true Statement In Creative Design that truly represents and Lasts
through the Test of Time ...
 Breezy shall continue to  post Affordable Designs from Spectacular Creative Designers
That do just that  !! 
This Darling 1920's Lingerie Set .. Just 200 lindens each ..
 Pretty and cute lingerie available In four colours,
 it also includes a headband with five different hair colours.
 Exclusively in her main shop, in the 1920s gallery
 Please Rush .. ((Teleport)) ... Run to grab one of these Sweet Sets !!
From Sonatta Morales
Now on Sale at Her Main Shop Only
Breezy is wearing Jewelery from The and Only Donna Flora
Skin and Makeup The House of LeLutka

Friday, August 19, 2011

New Babbage Presents " First Air Kraken Festival "

" First Air Kraken Festival "

Week-Full of  Activities and Events:

-Open Air Market: Shop carts along the Port Babbage docks will be filled with festival themed wares, food and games for festival goers to take and purchase.  Shop carts can be provided, though you can also use your own display if you wish (within logical prim reasoning).  First come first serve for spots, more space will be provided so all can participate. The first section of carts will be set out Friday, August 19th.  Prim limit of around 25 per market cart area.

-Build Contest:  Contest theme is "Air Kraken Traps: Most Inventive Way to Capture an Air Kraken."  Building platforms will be set out in the Academy of Industry Friday, August 19th, deadline for completion to be judged is Saturday, August 27th at Noon SLT and will be given on a first come, first serve basis.  Additional space will be created if necessary.  Please keep builds under 150 prims.  Top three placed builds will be given prizes.

-Black Ink and Bold Tales:
At the core of each Air Kraken is a well of deepest blackest ink. Pick up your quill, dip into the source and pen your poem or tale of adventure.  All creative writings about these legendary beasts of the skies are welcome. 
No minimum word-count, but please, no longer than 1,500 words.  Submissions will be accepted the entire week of the Air Kraken Festival, either by notecard to Ceejay Writer, or email to ceejay@cocoajava.com. After the festival, a panel of judges will choose the winners in these categories:   Truly Terrifying Tale (horror), You're Kraken Me Up (humor), Surprise from the Skies (cleverest) and Misunderstood Monsters (Pro-Kraken viewpoints), as well as one overall winner, the Tantamount Tall Tentacle Tale.
Plans are afoot to publish all entries in some form of anthology for everyone's enjoyment afterwards. Submission of your entry shall indicate your agreement to this project.

-"Look here! Look there! Look everywhere!"
Rumor has it there is a baby kraken that has lost his way in our fair city! Can you free this adorable little beast before he has our town for his feast? There's a reward in it for you if you do, so join the hunt and follow all the clues! The scavenger hunt will work just like a regular Secondlife Hunt will, taking you through 8 locations within the wondrous world of New Babbage. If you follow the clues and riddles you will certainly find the baby Kraken, however releasing him is up to you. There is no time limit and it's no race, but we hope you have fun and explore together!

-Air Kraken Exhibit:  An exciting and intriguing natural history exhibit by Kimika Ying focusing on air kraken.  Location information to be announced.

-Other Activities: 
-Air Kraken Target Practice:  Located on the docks of Port Babbage.  Come safely test your shooting skills against the miniature-airship towed air kraken drones. 

-Air Kraken Attacks:  Once you've sharpened your skills with target practice go up against the big boys.  Located in Clockhaven (as well as unannounced attacks in town).   ((Psst- Please let organizers know if you are heading over to Clockhaven and wish to see kraken.  We will arrange for that.))

-Kite Flying:  Grab a free themed kite and enjoy flying them around Port and town.

Dance and Music Events:

Opening Party:  Casual and fun celebration of the opening of the festival.  6-8pm SLT Sunday, August 21st at Liberty Hall in the Academy of Industry.  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Academy%20of%20Industry/244/2/116

-Listening Parties:  There will be two listening parties on Tuesday, August 23rd featuring The Tales of New Babbage broadcast "Horror of the Heights" with the voice of Vic Mornington and hosted at the Brunel Hall Hotel's bar, Muirsheen Durkin.
 The broadcast can be also heard on Radio Riel Steampunk at the below times.

The first party for the European time zones will be at 12-1pm SLT.
The second party for the North American time zones will be at 7-8pm SLT.

-Closing Party:  Saturday, August 27th at 7-9pm SLT on the roof of Portside Books in Port Babbage.  Dress in your best air pirate/air kraken fighting attire and come celebrate the close of the festival.  Dance, drink and be merry.

-Please contact
Sky Melnik in World for more info or any questions

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bare Rose Tokyo Presents New Vintage dress❤Antonia❤

 Bare Rose Tokyo  Presents 
New Vintage dress
A beautiful Vintage dress featuring lace trimmed bustier top with sculpted accents, matching skirt with lace+ruffles and silk flower adornments, stockings with garters, gloves, hat,
choker with built in broach, and shoes.
(Also includes both red and blue colors )
Bare Rose Tokyo   Vintage dress❤Antonia❤
Bare Rose TokyoNew Vintage dress❤Antonia❤
Bare Rose Tokyo  New Vintage dress❤Antonia❤
Bare Rose Tokyo New Vintage dress❤Antonia❤
A beautiful Vintage dress featuring lace trimmed bustier top with sculpted accents, matching skirt with lace+ruffles and silk flower adornments, stockings with garters, gloves, hat,
choker with built in broach, and shoes.
(Also includes both red and blue colors )



This trailer's would seem to imply that season two will have everything season one did and more.

This fall, Boardwalk Empire’s second season will start Sunday night, Sept. 25, at 9pm, the same time slot it had last year for its debut season. The Prohibition period piece set in Atlantic City in the early 1920s, was one of the most successful programs on the cable channel in recent history and many critics — and, likely, HBO executives — are suggesting it may become as big as The Sopranos.

In Atlantic City, all of the international the attention has led to trolley tours around the historic seaside resort; Nosh Like Nucky and other dining and bar specials at the city’s restaurants and casinos — with one casino, Resorts, completely re-branding itself as a 1920s-themed property, with flapper girl uniforms for all of the on-property cocktail waitresses and throwback uniforms for the bell hops and parking attendants — as well as ’20s-era and Old A.C.-oriented programs, historical events, initiatives and exhibits presented by the ever-popular Atlantic City Free Public Library — where you can see the expanding Atlantic City Experience exhibit, as well as a rare original photo of the real Nucky Thompson — Enoch “Nucky” Johnson — and a variety of special events with tie-ins to the show.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Steampunk . New Babbage ... Add Some Rich ROZOREGALIA with Dash of [SYS] Design .....

Be it  in the Designs....
The High Factor of Inspiration for many of We ..  
Name Your Poison ... Ah Passion  
.. Artists .. Builders .. Designers .. Role Players ..
Steam punk is The Game in This World ... New Babbage is The Place .. 10 Sims of
Inspirational  Bricks and Cobbles .. Plenty of Characters .. Strong Community !!
Never Heard of It .. You Say ??
Well Then You Don't know What Your Missing !!! 
The Music Breezy's all time Favorite From Mr Vernian Process - Crime of the Century
Sometimes .. We each have to just take a break  breath and get Away ..
Blogging does it for Breezy so often ..
Not looking for praise of fan fare  Just sharing some Heart ..
Whispers Breezy thinks it is Just  August .. it tends to tap on Heart Strings ..
End of One Beautiful Season .. Getting *Geared* Up for the best Season of All ..  The Fall !!
Big Smile ..
Ponders ..   and smiles  back to safe Day and Night Dreams .. quietly grins and twirls 
Ah The Hat ?? The Gloves?? .. and The cough cough Opium Pipe ??
Skin and Gown by  [SYS- Design]

My Precious MP Hats~ Beloved Light Pink With A Breeze of Chanimations

From The Beautiful World of Agnes Finney's  My Precious Designs  
MP Hats~ Beloved Light Pink 
on Market Place
  and The Dress
Agnes Queen Glory Short Skirt Pink
 Both *sold Seperately Available  In World
The Dress is Just Perfect for a Summer's Day ..
A Garden Party .. Perhaps a Long Day Dreaming Stroll ..
Breezy had a great deal fun with  These lovely Creative Gems .
She Adores The  MP Hat Beloved in Light Pink
Indeed August .. The Longest Month of the Summer for some ..
Fast moving and packed full of thoughts, activities and agendas ..
Everything is As it should be .. Indeed .
The Agnes Queen Glory shown here .. in The  Short Skirt Pink
Comes in long and Short ..  White and Pink ..
Rich Satin  with a most lovely Floral Detail Bust line .. Simply Splendid ! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Agnes%20Finney/133/127/23
The Blog is Really all about the Darling Hat .. 
MP Hats Beloved Light Pink
on Market Place
but well ..
There is always a Story .. as we all know ..
The collective Creative out there is .. Breath taking
Like this Romantic Steamy Swing . with 16 poses to start .... Oh La La !!! 
From Chanimations
From The Marvelous World of Chanimations
Brand New .. The Beautiful and Quite Romantic
"Burlesque Swing"  
All POSES are static and come with 'copy' rights so you can put them into your pose stands or make own pose ball arrangements with the set. To match the nature of the series, all poses are designed to look best with high heels, of course "
-Chandra Meehan
and they really do !! .. hehe :)
"Burlesque Swing"   
"No cabaret would be complete without at least one hottie on a swing. So we made you a burlesque fancy one, filled it up with a bunch of sexy pin Up poses and gave it playful elegance with its matching style to our Carousel Horse and Zebra Ride sets by adding those familiar twisted poles (or let's say, it's ribbons in this case) and wooden roses. And of course many, many color options :D
 All in all just the last piece that was missing for your perfect little pin up world of sexiness."
-Chandra Meehan