Sunday, August 14, 2011

~ Chanimations Amazing Props and Poses ~Wasabi Pills/NEW EVE HAIR

Breezy may be showing a great deal here ..
Of amazing Creative from Dynamic, Modest  Grid Artists
Let's Start with this Beautiful, Fun and Artisitc Hair From the One and Only

Wasabi Pills
Meet Wasabi Pills Latest Release : Eve Hair ..
Each shade comes with or without crystal beads and Strings* ..
 Custom beads and string Textures change of course !
scalp coverages includes
Next up .. The Amazing World of Chanimations Props and Poses is Proud to Present
'1001 Nights' photostage
'1001 Nights' photostage was created in hommage to all the amazing architecture of Arabian influenced countries and to complement our asianMasala pose line on a 32x32m footprint. As you would expect, with all the flair you would find in Arabia, Marocco, Tunesia or India's Rajasthan state. All floors and walls consist of an intricate floral tiles pattern, shiney wood pannels decorates the plattforms and planters and golden hanging lamps can be found at walls and hanging down the center of the building's glass dome. All windows are given their special charm with diamond gate screens and snake plants line the walls while rich colored satin curtains set the mood for 1001 dreams...
Breezy spent Hours of enjoyable playing to present this Spectacular Prop ..
The setting adjustments are endless .. Including several Preset Looks ..
Be it The Look of The Sea .. with Blue hues .. The Look of Sunsets .. or the Sand ..
Perhaps you wish a Noir Night .. ah  or the beauty of the Grand Taj Ma haul all In White ..
Floors .. Walls .. Trims .. Curtains and Lights .. with open and close Door ..
Oh the darling Birds and Cage .. Your hot sexy Lucky Pose Desk .. *wink*
A *B* was up when Breezy visited last .. grins ..
More about the poses also Chanimations...
This New Set is quite Impressive
chanimations asianMasala - RaqsSharqi   
Raqs sharqi, an Arabian term literally translated with "oriental dance", is the classical Egyptian style of what most people in the West know as "belly dance" which developed during the first half of the 20th century. (So technically it is not asian, we released in our asianMasala line mainly cause it fits the theme best!)
Whats this ??? Yet another Steamy Shade of Wasabi Pills New Eve Hair .. In Storm ..
Mmmmmm Love the crystal beading ..
each shade comes with or with beads .. and all the beads can be changed !
Just beautiful !! 
chanimations asianMasala - RaqsSharqi   
While rooted in traditional dances, it has received influences from all directions and geographic regions and what you see today is in most cases a dynamic fusion of traditional dance, easter and western aspects, cabaret entertainment and artistic expression.
-RaqsSharqi- is dedicated to the playfulness and charm of middle eastern cymbal dance, and contains the following photography props and poses:
10 (20) POSES (no mod/no transfer):
a sneak Peek of ..chanimations asianMasala - DurgaDevi    Pose Set ...
Tigers Bangles and Props Included .. hehehe :). with poses
Ah Ha !!!! 
More From Inside  Chanimations .. '1001 Nights' photostage
chanimations asianMasala - RaqsSharqi   

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