Friday, August 26, 2011

Chichi of London Presents Pin Up Girl 2 ..... Pow Pow .. !!

Chichi of London 'Pin Up Girl 2'
Bond Never got his hands on This Gal .. (heh!)
What a clever creative From Chchi of London !!
The outfit is darling.. But the Guns .. wink ..  Gotta Love the Working amo on this Design !!
In World
and Market Place ..
About Chichi 'Pinup Girl'
Chichi's 'Pin Up Girl' is a tribute to an Iconic 20th Century Art Form. Pin Up Girl 2 is our own vampy interpretation of a post war Soviet Union style womans ceremonial officer uniform, in two sassy versions-mini dress and short shorts/ jacket combi. Outfit comes complete with cute sailor hat, hairs, heels, and combi wardrobe. A timeless and va-va- voom Creation, from Chichi of London!
In World
On Market Place

In the Box:
~Prim Skirt
~Suspender Belt
~Weapons assortment
** Many Working Guns Ladies !!
Chichi of London- walk in a Customer...walk out a Star!
In World
On Market Place
This Pin Up Gal is Ready and Loaded for all kinds of Action !!
Thanks to Chi Chi of London Pin Up Gal 2
Cute Clever Style  Oh So Much Fun and Guns !!!
So tend to You mission . any Mission really with Chichi of London's New
Pin up Girl 2
In World to Chichi of London
Or Market Place
Yep Mission Complete .. Breezy has Been to Chichi ..
Chichi of London- walk in a Customer...walk out a Star!

Or At least feel good and be so Glad You Did !!
Chichi of London
In World
and On Market Place

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