Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Curious Seamstress Presents Penny a Darling 1920s Day Dress

Grins .. Now this is a Fun One !!!!!
Special Kudos to Lady Kembri for these amazing creative Delights !!!
Meet  Yet Another One of Several  Delightful New Releases From The Curious Seamstress
This Is *Penny* a Darling 1920's Day Dress and really a Must Have for you
of the day Genre Gals ..  Twirlss   Endless Twirls  in and For this Ensemble,
"This 1920s Day Dress, Penny. The real dress is in a private collection. I was asked recently for more day dresses of the 1920s era. There are a lot of different styles to choose from because 1920s fashion was such a changing thing! There was sleekly elegant, romantic, fun flapper things, and even avant garde or Egyptian inspired outfits. It was a lively time for fashion. This particular dress reminds me of garden parties or tea in a friend's home, or church on Sunday morning."
-Lady Kembri Tomsen
Hummm Looks Like Breezy has Hopped in Her Nix Sands Gorgon Motors Vehicle
and taken a Spin In This Heat ... to ...
  The Dynamic Seraph City .. The  City of pure Diesel Punk Genre.
1920's to 1940's genre waiting for you .. Weeeee there she goes ..
Wearing her Brand new  Curious Seamstress Penny Ensemble ..
oh Lady Kembri has a shop In Seraph City as well @ The Carrington ..
blushes at  Shameless Carrington Plug ..
But also Available at Lady Kembri's Main Store
*Penny* like each Curious Seamstress's Ensembles is quite Thoughtful
Two Hats .. With or with out  Flowers ..
Two pairs of hoses .. darling under garments .
*Also just Adorable special designed Shoes Included with this one ..
Please note .. Breezy is not wearing the shoes in these photos .
The Design of Penny is just  beautiful from every view !!
As we all go through the Heat of August .. It is a nice surprise to Log into World
and know These Most Special Creative ensembles are waiting for each of us to purchase !!
Penny is Like a tall glass of Pink Lemon aid ((mmm yummy yum ! Breezy's Favorite !))
It quenches ones own desires to Look and Feel Special on The Grid !!!
Do make a point to Visit The Curious Seamstress today  In her Main shop
Or on  located on some lovely genre sims as well as Market Place ..
Each of her Detailed Ensembles 
 ((inspired by real life )) are a true testiment of her own love and passion
Of Histoy .. Purchase Penny  Soon .. You shall be so glad You Did !!!
^Hair and Jewels From The House of Donna Flora Designs^
The Music  *grins*  Sorry Breezy is a Miami Vice gal from way back
((owns this CD)) heh .. and this Song .. is Hot !!

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