Tuesday, August 30, 2011

**~Finesmith jewelry design~** Presents Noir Collection ..

**~Finesmith jewelry design~**
jewelry that  Yula Finesmith loves to make.
* New main store location

**~Finesmith jewelry design~**
The New Collection comes in both  Black and Red ..
With key pieces in Noir .. such as the Parasol and Also a Magic Wand ..
In both Shades  earrings , Bracelet and Ring with A Necklace to die for !!
Breezy is wearing just a few piece of the Lovely Noir Collection !!
Amazing Statement Pieces .. For Couture of Role Play Perhaps :)
* New main store location

On a personal note ..
a special apology and thank you to Miss Yula Finesmith ..
from this blogger ..
Breezy was rushing on the grid and had to log .. Friday afternoon ,
 No excuses  alas My apologies to Miss Yula .. and to all please know
this is a designer who is the real deal .. She loves what she does and is truly beyond generous ..
Take from a girl who is sensitive to a fault ..
Thank YOU Miss Yula if you see this .
 I do hope it makes you smile ..
It is the least i can do for an amazing Artist !!
**~Finesmith jewelry design~**
* New main store location

**~Finesmith jewelry design~**
* New main store location

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