Monday, August 1, 2011

Introducing *Seastar* From The Curious Seamstress

 Once upon a Time long ago .. In what was thought of a Grand New Exciting World to so Many ..
Ah The Dreams  The Opportunities  That  Waited for All in This Brave New World ..
The Place .. American !
It Still is Home to Land of The Free and Brave ..
Meet Seastar .. From The Curious Seamstress
As always each of Lady Kembri's ensembles start with Lovely Under Garments.
Breezy Just Loves Loves  This Esemble !!!
5 Stars Plus Indeed !!! 

 Breezy so often writes of Second Life and The Fantasy and Creative .
Seastar is Prime example of just that .. A journey if You please,back in time in design.
"Sailor dresses of one form or another have been around starting in the early 1800s and continue to be a popular style of dress to the modern day. The real day suit, Seastar, is made of a linen fabric, good for walking around on the beach or boat deck. Though I have to say, it's nothing I'd want to be caught in the water in! It could have as easily been on the Titanic as it could have been on the boardwalk or a yacht."
*Lady Kembri Tomsen* 
Kembri encloses a Note Card with vivid details to each of her emsembles she brings to Grid
Please make a point to read them for the history is rich in detail !
 Special thanks to Virtual Props and Poses The location and Sim where these Photos were taken .
Home to some of the Finest Virtual Props and Poses Creative in it's fine Shops.
 "This Edwardian Sailor dress, Seastar. It's based on a dress from about 1906 that currently resides in a private collection. It would have also been called a yachting costume by the ladies of the day. The hat and gloves are true to the period. I'm enclosing a drawing from a magazine of the time showing an outfit much like Miss Seastar."
-Lady Kembri Tomsen
Some Like to be A Virtual Super Model .. Some a Furry or Cyber Queen ..
The Virtual Lists are endless for who and what one can be ..
Then there are some of us that Just adore to travel through Time .
Classic in Virtual Fashion Delights
Enjoy and wear your Fantasies..
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