Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Precious MP Hats~ Beloved Light Pink With A Breeze of Chanimations

From The Beautiful World of Agnes Finney's  My Precious Designs  
MP Hats~ Beloved Light Pink 
on Market Place
  and The Dress
Agnes Queen Glory Short Skirt Pink
 Both *sold Seperately Available  In World
The Dress is Just Perfect for a Summer's Day ..
A Garden Party .. Perhaps a Long Day Dreaming Stroll ..
Breezy had a great deal fun with  These lovely Creative Gems .
She Adores The  MP Hat Beloved in Light Pink
Indeed August .. The Longest Month of the Summer for some ..
Fast moving and packed full of thoughts, activities and agendas ..
Everything is As it should be .. Indeed .
The Agnes Queen Glory shown here .. in The  Short Skirt Pink
Comes in long and Short ..  White and Pink ..
Rich Satin  with a most lovely Floral Detail Bust line .. Simply Splendid !
The Blog is Really all about the Darling Hat .. 
MP Hats Beloved Light Pink
on Market Place
but well ..
There is always a Story .. as we all know ..
The collective Creative out there is .. Breath taking
Like this Romantic Steamy Swing . with 16 poses to start .... Oh La La !!! 
From Chanimations
From The Marvelous World of Chanimations
Brand New .. The Beautiful and Quite Romantic
"Burlesque Swing"  
All POSES are static and come with 'copy' rights so you can put them into your pose stands or make own pose ball arrangements with the set. To match the nature of the series, all poses are designed to look best with high heels, of course "
-Chandra Meehan
and they really do !! .. hehe :)
"Burlesque Swing"   
"No cabaret would be complete without at least one hottie on a swing. So we made you a burlesque fancy one, filled it up with a bunch of sexy pin Up poses and gave it playful elegance with its matching style to our Carousel Horse and Zebra Ride sets by adding those familiar twisted poles (or let's say, it's ribbons in this case) and wooden roses. And of course many, many color options :D
 All in all just the last piece that was missing for your perfect little pin up world of sexiness."
-Chandra Meehan

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