Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Grim Bros Tick Tocs In The Year Year with The Tic Toc Tensai Gown

This is the Ultimate In Clockwork Doll Couture .. In Steam punk  Couture
and it is a most special Grim Bros Design
For it is a collaboration of Cutea Benelli and Tensai Hilra
Grim Bros is Proud to Present
tic toc tensai gown
- steampunk clockwork gown
 (dress, hat, heels)
Grim Bros Tick Tocs In The Year Year with  The Tic Toc Tensai Gown
This Steamy  Vintage  Ensemble ..
Starts with the most beautiful Top Hat .
with working gears a Spectacular Clock !!
Rich in Fashion .. Elegance .. Fun Whimsy Creative !!
It has to be .. It is Grim Bros !!
Wearing this Gown is like a  pure sensuous Dream .
The clocks that are around the hoop skirt
The elegant lace textures
The bold Steamy Saucy Look is  virtual Bliss !!
Now in world
you know YOU want it ..
Don't Miss this Beautiful Gown !!! 
The Tic Toc Tensai Gown
A fantasy steampunk dress that uses almost all we can use in SL today to create a fantastic look: mesh parts, sculpt parts, regular prim parts. shine, alpha and even some animated parts (on the hat).
this clockwork dress is always on time: with the lovely mesh clocks ,created by Tensai Hilra, that are actually working and displaying SL time! Other than that, the dress shows off a sweet combination of solid shiny metal textures with intricate wrought iron textures, of primwork with layer clothing. please take a look at the images to see what this dress looks like.
The included hat is identical with the "tic toc tensai tophat" (unisex) which can also be found on the marketplace - except for the base texture of the hat.
** Also please check the freebies On Market Place From Grim Bros
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