Saturday, December 31, 2011


Happy and Healthy New Years to All !!!
On Breezy's 300th post of 2011 she waves good-bye to the Old
and welcomes the New !!
The Year of 2011 has been a memorable one ..
Full of up and downs .. and to be honest so ready to close the Door on it .
and  Welcome in 2012 .. it even reads as well as sounds right !!
 The Winter weather has been Most kind thus far ..
Alas that shall be changing to ..
Wearing an adorable Pine Fairy to Welcome
that too !! 
 Where ever you be ..  Wishing YOU  Love , Peace , Happiness , Kindness .
Good Health and most of all
Never stop believing the Best is always Yet to come !!!
Happy 2012 to All ..
Pine Dryad ~WINTER~ Outfit
 by Caverna Obscura
Pine Dryad Hair ~WINTER~
by Caverna Obscura
From the winter wonderland comes a new creature, the Pine Dryad. Her bark is hard as ice and her needles soft as snow. Pine Dryads are evergreens and conifers, and thus prosper in colder climates. When the winter comes and all other trees stand bare in the snow Pines show off their lush coats twinkling with fluffy snowflakes in the pale rays of winter sun.

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