Tuesday, January 31, 2012

GIZZA Presents a fun one .. Meet The “Lollipop Dress”

 Lets start with the flow and fluffy beautiful ribbon collar from Gizza on this darling Dress !!
Laddies Lollipop is a perfect name for this Dress
Brand New From Gizza
 Did I mention I just love the bow neck line on this ..
The flow and bounce of the skirt ..
Another Home run from Gizza !!
Hair New Release from Vanity Hair Bebe in blond
Dress  Lollipop flora From Gizza
Shoes Maitreya Gold * Moxie-Summer Red Patent New Release
Skin LeLutka of course
 Lollipop In Red from Gizza
Hair Pocket Mirror
Skin LeLutka
 Gizza does Lollipop in six shades ..
Heart and Pose from Just a Pose :)
Now off with you go get some Lollipops of your own ..

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Blacklace is Turning up The Pillow Talk ..With this week's Releases Oh Yes !!!

Pillow talk indeed turn it up for Blacklace ..
Awww a bit of a Seabreeze and warm sunset .. Blacklace once again has put out some of their Best
For Their TOSL . Just 99 lindens ladies .. White Satin lace and bows all for you ..
 Taste of SL item from Blacklace this week is Amor lingerie in white.
Our Taste of SL item from Blacklace this week is Amor lingerie in white.
Our Taste of SL item from Blacklace this week is Amor lingerie in white.
Introducing ...  *Drum Roll Here*  Blacklace Slumber PJs ..
A brand new set of PJs is released today in 6 pretty fabrics, ideal for all ! 
Included are halter tops and a complimenting tank top, 
matching panties and PJ bottoms with prim legs and waist tie.
Blacklace Slumber PJs ..Breezy is wearing Pink Hearts
The Darling Hair you ask ??
Wasbi Pills say hello to Kamiko
Since the Cherilyn style came out a lot of people asked for another braided style
 without the long, loose hair on the back… so 
Indeed Say Hello To Kamiko Mesh Hair from Wasabi Pills
Blacklace Slumber PJs ..
how cute are these !!! 
also  Blacklace has the store release of their very popular ToSL item from a couple of weeks ago: Jubilee. NowAvailable in pink, red and purple. 
 Prims are modifyable and script resize, please try a demo of the skirt.
Blacklace Valentine's Bear Included  *wink*
Well what are you waiting for ... grins .. Head on over to Blacklace !!!!!
Lace and Romance are waiting for You !!
Along with Cutest PJs on the grid .. 
Gift Certs  always Available
Jewery by FineSmith

Friday, January 27, 2012

SoliDea Folies Presents - Di Sole e D’azzurro- From Head to toe !!!

 Di Sole e D’azzurro _ SoliDea Folies -
the one Designer that reaches right in and can always touch
Breezy's Heart with her Beautiful whimsy Creative ..
 emotions are a funny thing ..
People seem to forget , Just how cruel they can cut with their words ..
Many of us who do and care with heart ...
we feel them ..
Thank you Mila for always making so many of us smile xoxo !!
 Di Sole e D’azzurro _ SoliDea Folies -
 For many of us This world is our safe place
away from the anger, stress and cruelty .. of a fast paced world
that always comes first .. 
Shoes  Dress and Hat .. all make up
 Di Sole e D’azzurro _ SoliDea Folies -
The Chain ((necklace)) _SoliDea Folies-
Wear the Fantasy .. Live your lives .. :)
SoliDea Folies Presents  - Di Sole e D’azzurro-

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cool Numbesr Now From Sascha's Designs . A Real Put On !!!

SAS - Paisley Pants - Darks
SAS- Carmen Mocca Jacket
Vanity Hair  New Release BeBe Blonds
SAS - Paisley Pants - Darks
SAS- Carmen Mocca Jacket
SAS - Paisley Pants - Darks
SAS- Carmen Mocca Jacket
SAS - Carmen Mocca

SAS - Carmen Mocca
Come on and Join This Party ....  Its a put on ..  And you just gotta to head over
to Sascha's Designs .. Always coming out with something New ..
Always having a Blast and Now You can too !! 
After all Its Just  a Put on ..Dress Yourself To Kill
 wink ..
SAS - Carmen Mocca
{props and poses Virtual props and poses}

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Meet Nina from Agnes Finney

Every creative has their own Story ..
What one does when they interact with the creative
to make their own story .. that is the beauty ..
Meet Nina from Agnes Finney
My Precious Nina in White
Nina is a wonderful couture collection at My Precious.
The lace and satin move gorgeously as you move. Several colors are available.
Visit the My Precious Main store or Marketplace to pick one up yourself.
At the end of the day .. it is all make believe .. smiles ..
Ah perhaps some of us do take the good stuff
off to sleepy town and dream .. 
Gown Agnes Finney
Hair .  pocket mirror
Jewelry Donna Flora
Animations and Props from Virtual Props
Broken CLock The Looking GLass
Skin LeLutka

Monday, January 23, 2012

*SoliDea FoliEs* Presents Let it Snow * White*

 *SoliDea FoliEs*
Let it Snow in White
think every woman is a queen, and I think every woman is a child,
every woman is a mother, a sister, an enemy.
Every woman is a warrior, every woman is a lover and every woman is a wife and a friend.
I think that all women speak with their life, everyday life, with perseverance and commitment.
I think that women speak with their joints, separations and tears.
Mila Tatham
*SoliDea FoliEs*
 *SoliDea FoliEs*
Let it Snow in *White*
Breezy is thrilled to be "Here" in this beautiful Gown ..
Look at the draped back .. Sheer artistry in its own right ..
Make no mistake it is a delight to wear This gown it is a Symphony in beauty !!
Let it Snow in *White*
Available on at
*SoliDea FoliEs*
Exclusive Store @ Modavia
Behold the  The delicate wisps of sheer eloquence that flutters.
 Like  butterflies in free motion ..In this stunning gown !!
Butterfly bushes by the on and only Looking Glass :)
Jewelry by the House of Donna Flora  (( Misty in Platinum))
Hair Vanity Hair
Let it Snow in *White*
Available on at
*SoliDea FoliEs*
 Exclusive Store @ Modavia

Sunday, January 22, 2012

XOXO for this weeks TOSL and More From Blacklace !!!!

Released last week ‘Revealing Secrets’ – a satin and lace bra set with matching cincher, garters and stockings included. The bra has a prim ruffle, so wear with or without for a peek-a-boo look. Available in six colours.
Breezy can not say enough wonderful positive things about this New Collection !!!
 Valentines is coming .. smiles .. Blacklace does have wonderful gift certs for all !!
 Next up Some Blacklace Beauty ...
Blacklace Beauty knows how to make things hot and wet, and sexy lips are no exception! Your lips have never been as kissable as they will be with Blacklace Beauty High Gloss lipsticks!
These lipsticks come in a multitude of delicious colors to match all your moods be it sultry or playful, and trust me, no one will be able to resist!
That’s not all Blacklace Beauty has this week!
Blacklace Beauty also has released 2-Tone Shadows and Lashes so you can match your personality, your outfit or your mood!
Ah the little black dress just got hotter now that Blacklace makes it ..
How about adding some other shades .. of course Breezy had to grab a Blue ..
..  Saucy fun and Hot Hot Hot
There is nothing better than that Little Black Dress and if you don’t have one then what better than one from Blacklace, who has the last word in sizzle and sexy. Perfect for that special date or just going out with your friends. No matter what your plans, Blacklace Little Black Dress is going to get you the attention you deserve
Now though, the Little Black Dress doesn't come just in black!
This spicy lil’ dress comes in all kinds of hot colors, and one is bound to be the one you love!
This lil mini comes with multi layers so no matter what you have the one you need!
 If Breezy could just have one set of under garments on the entire grid
this next Collection would be it !!!
Makes note .. I must get the other shades one of these days.. grins ..
Behold this week's TOSL ..
and Yes I do give Mariska Simons hugs and kisses for it!
This aqua slip is trimmed in black lace and accented with bows. Also included are stockings. A perfect set to make you feel pampered and sexy anytime, under your clothes or curled up reading a book.
If you do want to use it to tease and titillate…well that works too!
XOXO for this weeks TOSL!
Gotta Dash .. But You be sure to stop by Blacklace ..
Its all there waiting for you ..
and do Bring your guy they have some great New Men's wear
this week as Well !!

Friday, January 20, 2012

GizzA Creations Presents - Galliano Inspiration_

 Breezy is Thrilled to share this gown with all ..
Just breathtaking, Stunning and quite dramatic .
Behold from Gizza Designs
GizzA - Galliano Inspiration_
 GizzA - Galliano Inspiration_
((my favorite )) *SoliDea FoliEs*  Marinella Umbrella
Jewelry by Donna Flora
Skin by Glam Affair
 GizzA - Galliano Inspiration_
Black Statin trimmed with  Black bows 
Breezy loves the detailed textures of beauty from Gizza
GizzA - Galliano Inspiration_
what ever genre you desire the Gown is Timeless
Visit Gizza Creations today !!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

New From Boudoir Miss Lace :)

 Breezy loves Boudoir .. These two sisters are powerful modest Powerhouses
in creative in all worlds by their own rights !!
Wonderful Artists !!!
Behold "Miss Lace"
From Boudoir
 Somehow when one needs to escape  grins  Boudoir is right there !!
Front and center with knock out creative designs .
 This is amazing Bird cage a gift from my dear friend Sharni
Please stop by The Looking Glass soon *smiles*
Snowing here .. hence the fun blog .. hehehe
happy to have some extra time to play
Do visit these amazing creative houses soon
Miss Lace by Boudoir
The Looking Glass
Skin by Glam Affair
Shoes G Field