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Saturday, January 14, 2012

MerBetta Presents Swirls of Ribbons "Eddy" Water Base

 The Fantasy is waiting for each of You ..
The places on The Grid on endless
For this Blog .. Breezy  nestles in The  beauty of The New Babbage Deep
 She swims and glides floats and moves under the  waters of The Deep !!!
 Breezy receives her Package from MerBetta .. Oh so most exciting .. she right clicks and attaches it  and  then proceeds to go into signature MerBetta Pose to  click and  retrieve  her brand new ..
Swirls of Clear  Water Base  Ribbons  Its  EDDY from MerBetta
Breezy Relaxes and Reflects wearing
Mer Betta Simoeis ~ CrescentIntimates (w)
Mer Betta Simoeis Blue Gold Super Delta v3.1c+v3.1ce (w)
FINESMITH- Falbala formal MVW collection
Glam Skin
Boudoir Hair
As Breezy Rises up from The Steamy New Babbage
Deep  Mer Betta™  The "Eddy",  Surrounds her with
the graceful alternative to the water bubble.
Swirling ribbons of clear water . . .
Mer Betta™ introduces the "Eddy", the graceful alternative to the water bubble.
Swirling ribbons of clear water . . .
. . . to keep you hydrated,
. . . to frame your beauty, and
. . . to mesmerize everyone around you.
The base pack includes a Copy-Only version of the "Eddy" in one of the preset configurations.
It is set to auto visibility, which means that the Eddy becomes invisible when you fall below the Linden water surface, then visible again once you rise out of the water. (To reduce lag, there may be a slight delay in the change.)
The rotation and the texture animation changes automatically and randomly.

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