Monday, January 9, 2012

BlakOpal Designs Presents Renegade Pirate Outfit and Cayenne Outfit Read On !!!

 Ah a new year and New BlakOpal Designs
For both The Ladies and Gents ..
Here Breezy and Rafael share you some beautiful  2012 deisgns with Mesh From
The wonderful World of Blakopal Designs .
Breezy's Hair from the Amazing House of Wasabi Pills in Cherry Golden Mesh !
 Be it by Land or Sea .. Travels to Together is something we enjoy ..
Steampunks shall always remain a most special Passion to we ..
Steampunk Pirates well *grins* .. In and With BlakOpal Designs  But  of course
 Renegade Pirate Outfit and Cayenne Outfit 
*Hat sold Separately
 Rafael is wearing  Renegade Pirate Outfit - Black [Mesh Attachments]  for Men
You'll be ready for all manner of adventure and romance in this dashing outfit. Included is a handsomely detailed overcoat with embroidered collar and lapels, stylish waist band detailing at the back, rows of buttons on jacket and sleeves, and coattails that fall well below the knee with embroidered and brocade trim at the hem. The pants are high-waisted with a leather belt and suspenders. The shirt underneath is open at the neck with a fold-over collar. The outfit is finished off with a beautiful satin cape that falls from one shoulder and trails down your back. The whole outfit has a graceful 'sweep'
or at their Main Shop in World
Breezy is wearing Cayenne Outfit Red [Mesh Attachments]
A spicy, skimpy outfit that will really turn heads. This outfit features a flirty short satin skirt trimmed with frilly lace, and tied at the waist with a silk wrap. The pieced-leather corset is riveted and laced up the front. There is a bright brocade top with soft ruffles of satin across the chest, and detached half-sleeves with leather straps and more soft ruffles on the top and bottom edges. The outfit has matching panty, and sheer lace-topped stockings. And there is a stunning embossed-metal mesh choker included.
or In BlakOpal's Main Shop
 This World is to escape the stress and pressure of the Other ..
Each time we Log in  .. We go to a Special Place
Miles and Mile away from duties and chores ..
The Magic we enjoy and share on the Grid is always enhanced
with beautiful and whimsy creative ..
Visit BlakOpal Designs Today ..
Thank You Trilo and Opal  for continued  Blakopal Designs Created Whimsy and Beauty ..
Thank YOU Rafael for our many Adventures ...


RF said...

Excellent work, and great photography, Breezy! Kudos!

Breezy Carver said...

of course they are they have YOU in each one xox :) *smiles*