Saturday, January 7, 2012

Curious Seamstress Annual 50 % Sale off of ALL New Releases !!

Now for a Real  Victorian beauty . .From The Curious Seamstress .
Meet Rowena, a stunning coppery silk with black bead work.
" I swear the train on this gown looks as if it's on fire!"
Lady Kembri Tomsen
50% off all New Releases . . . - A flustered young girl runs into the area, her hair askew. "Miss Kembri said to tell you by puppy demands the sale is extended until tomorrow January 8th, midnight." A young boy runs in and whispers something to the girl, who blushes and says, 'uh, by Popular demand. There are no puppies, just a longer sale." With that the girl runs off, the grinning little boy in tow.
YAY !!!!!!!!! 
Don't Miss this Sale Ladies !!!!  These gowns are quite Special ..
Each One tells a story of a real live Gown ..
New Babbage  Seraph City  New Toulouse
Or Lady Kembri's Main Shop ..
Don't Miss these Fabulous New Releases ..
All are waiting for YOU  but just on sale for 50% off till Sunday @ Midnight SLT .

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