Friday, January 27, 2012

SoliDea Folies Presents - Di Sole e D’azzurro- From Head to toe !!!

 Di Sole e D’azzurro _ SoliDea Folies -
the one Designer that reaches right in and can always touch
Breezy's Heart with her Beautiful whimsy Creative ..
 emotions are a funny thing ..
People seem to forget , Just how cruel they can cut with their words ..
Many of us who do and care with heart ...
we feel them ..
Thank you Mila for always making so many of us smile xoxo !!
 Di Sole e D’azzurro _ SoliDea Folies -
 For many of us This world is our safe place
away from the anger, stress and cruelty .. of a fast paced world
that always comes first .. 
Shoes  Dress and Hat .. all make up
 Di Sole e D’azzurro _ SoliDea Folies -
The Chain ((necklace)) _SoliDea Folies-
Wear the Fantasy .. Live your lives .. :)
SoliDea Folies Presents  - Di Sole e D’azzurro-

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