Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tick Tick .. The Clock is Toking and Curious Seamstress New Release sale still going ON NOW !!!!

Tick Tick .. The Clock is Toking and  Curious Seamstress New Release sale still going ON NOW !!!!
 Curious Seamstress ..   Annual  50% sale off New Releases  Still going on ... ????
Till to Today .. Sunday January 8th @ midnight SLT  on all her NEWEST Releases  in all her Shops ..
Yes Yes  Yes  !!!! 
I am in Serpah City Now .. In fact I am wearing one of her latest Releases ..
1920s evening dress, Adela This Sweet Cobalt Blue number is to die for !!!
Am I heading over to Curious Seamstress In Seraph City @ The Carrington .. ??
Yes  Yes Yes  I am ..
Breezy proceeded to Dash to her Car ...
a beauty from Mr Nix Sands  also sold In Seraph City at his Gorgon Motors ..
I tell you she Purssssssssssssssssssssssssss
But Back to  Lady Kembri's 1920s evening dress, Adela
Ain't a Peach .. alright yeah . well its cool Cobalt blue !!!
Sequins and  sheer delight .. with two set of undergarments
a darling boa .. and a head piece to make a gal spin for !!!!
1920s evening dress, Adela Indeed .. Love Love this ensemble ..
I have been waiting to blog it .. grins .. Had to share with you all !!!
1920s evening dress, Adela on sale now  @ just 50 % off  till midnight tonight slt ..
so hurry on over !!!!
Such deals and steals .. waiting for you all !!!
Oh and take a look around the City ..
Seraph City is a spectacular  Gem captured in time ..
1920s to 1940 ..  Oh So Sweet !
Don't forget to grab a few pairs of Curious Cobblers .. oh and The 1920s evening dress, Adela
whispers of course it is a New Release and It and many others are waiting for You .. at the Curious Seamstress  and on sale 50% off  till midnight tonight !!!

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