Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fantasy Faire 2012 A visit with The Looking Glass and more !

 Plane and Poses: ## CI ## Airplane Rider AO ( sold at the Fantasy Faire)
Includes  full size and Petite plus darling animations
Plane is Mod so you can change color but the red is adorable !
On My First Flight In My Brand New  : ## CI ## Plane  .. I found myself flying over the most
Spectacular Butterfly Windmills  mmm.. I thought to myself Indeed this Must be
The Place .. Meandervale Built and Sponsored by The Looking Glass
One and Only Marcus Inkpen and Sharni Azalee
The sim was oozing with Heart and Original Creative signature to their very own .
((Of course Please note every single one of the nine Sim Builds at Fantasy Faire 2012 are Amazing ))
I landed my  : ## CI ## Plane in one of the Fields ..
How Peaceful and Beautiful is this !!!
Breezy of course went right to the water and the Most adorable Row Bow . made and sold by The Looking GLass .. It also has the most beautiful Butterflies over looking the boat and a darling couple pose .. but as you can see ,one can  relax as well ..
Quite lovely with all proceeds going to Relay for Life ..
Adorable complete Outfit .. from The Looking GLass of Course
Pit Hat from LeLutka :)
The builds are quaint but quite details . The Sunflowers complete with bees or no bees darling!
The wooden Bridge .. The Bulb Plants .. In three sizes all on sale with proceeds going to
 Relay for Life ..
Gasp !!  Then Breezy found the  Rocking Horse Field !!
Complete with Full and Petite Size rocking horses !!!
These too are for sale from The Looking GLass with All Proceeds going to Relay For Life !!
Don't miss these .. Everyone should have one !!!!
There is Nothing like a good Rock !!
But wait wait Wait  .There is so much More from The Looking GLass @ Fantasy Faire 2012
Like this full size ((yes Petite size is Included)) Kaleidoscope !!!! .. WOW .. Colors !!!
Ohhhh Pretty .. but wait wait Something came over Breezy .. mmmm buzzz buzz  she felt ..
and then  and then ..   Puff !!!!!!!!
Like Magic Breezy was Honey Bee and petite .. now How did this Happen ??
But the second Part of fun wait to see ... 
Like Magic Capt Ember  flew in for a short but fun Visit
they had a visit at the New The Looking Glass Petite Behive !!
Isn't the Beautiful .. (( wearing . Fallen Gods Inc of course ))
Indeed Ember enjoys a Good fun Rock . on Her Petite Rocking Horse
At The Looking Glass .. Wavessss
Breezy be Rocking too !!
Whew ...  time to Relax in Breezy's safe little Piece of Heaven
All from The Looking GLass  Fantasy Faire 2012
Breezy is wearing
!dM deviousMind: "Honeytrap PETITE" Bee Costume for Petites Mesh Avatar
"Honeytrap PETITE"
All from The Looking GLass Fantasy Faire 2012

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