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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Feathers From the Amazing World of Fallen Gods @ Fantasy Faire 2012

 Fallen Gods Inc. Presents
Feathers At Fantasy Faire 2012
We Start with a Raven ..
Black, Shiny and Sleek always aware .. Always Searching ..
Food . Life Love . Death and yes The After Life ...
The Raven knows no one precise Definition ..
For The Raven is Perhaps the Most
Fascinating of all .. Always Searching  Always watching ..
Always Looking .. For what smiles .. Not even the Raven knows .
hawk 1(hôk) n.
1. Any of various birds of prey of the order Falconiformes and especially of the genera Accipiter and Buteo, characteristically having a short hooked bill and strong claws adapted for seizing.
2. Any of various similar birds of prey.
3. A person who preys on others; a shark.
4. a. One who demonstrates an actively aggressive or combative attitude, as in an argument.
b. A person who favors military force or action in order to carry out foreign policy.
intr.v. hawked, hawk·ing, hawks
1. To hunt with trained hawks.
2. To swoop and strike in the manner of a hawk: "It was fun to watch the scattered snail kites . . . lifting and falling in the wind as they hawked across the shining grass and water" (Peter Matthiessen).
Running tired .. not from lack of sleep or too much work .. It is a mental tired of trying most hard in keeping things right .. Sigh .She thought to herself .. All alone .. at peace or not .. She knew ..
She was never like others ..Not Better, nor worse . but different , given the most powerful gifts of all, early on.knowing how to give share and care from deep from the heart with humility and honesty.
Her flight through this thing called life .. Perhaps may be forgotten but if she could touch just one ..
Smile .. Make a difference to and in Just one ..
Ah but she had done that quietly over and over again ..
Her mind was full of thoughts , wild ideas, dreams and wonderful Fantasies .
Her heart was over flowing with Passion ..
Ah but was it her curse ? Or Perhaps a gift ?
Her Life seemed so easy to others ..Alas that was so not the case ..
Her depth was earned the hard way .. Through life's experiences and Risk taking over and over again .. One did not win every time .. In fact often it was through the worse failed tasks .. a better door often was kicked a jar .She started her journey at such a young age ..
When she was only five .. She experienced her first Loss ..
a younger sister .. who drown .. a life time of pain .....sad really ..
It was never spoken about .
Life went on yet she knew they never quite recovered from the first great Loss ..
 Breezy Believes we each have a Raven, a Hawk and Yes a Dove with We ..
She Believes that these are charactics of all Man Kind ..
She only wishes all of Man kind would tap into their Dove sides more ..
Most of all  when in this world .. For our time is really so short ..
 For always she was taught never assume , Alas seemed that was all folks did around her most of her life . They did not know her loss .. They has no clue of her pain nor the suffering she knew .
She was a survivor , Alas raised not to talk about it .. For that was something one kept to themselves .
It is just the way she was raised ..
We did not speak of the fears or the hurt most of all We never mentioned The heartbroken pain
 dove 1(dv) n.
1. Any of various widely distributed birds of the family Columbidae, which includes the pigeons, having a small head and a characteristic cooing call.
2. A gentle, innocent person.passionate.
3. A person who advocates peace, conciliation, or negotiation in preference
 to confrontation or armed conflict.
So the conflicts that resides in each of we .. Some in person She wonders .. are you a Hawk or Dove .. or in all honesty are You
really both .. How easy it is to be a Hawk in type .. grins
She is a believer being a Hawk in person when needed is the way to be
 and .. show , share and give of One's Dove when
typing to faceless friends .. smiles not saying they are of less importance, for these are the ones . The Ones that "We"share and give of our time to .. These are not the "have to" conversations .. To each of us that are too busy to say hello or make the time .. smiles
That's alright .No worries .. Perhaps said friendships were just never ment to be ..
Alas . For in all honestly time is always fleeing isn't it ..
Skins by The Amazing Fallen Gods Inc .
This is The New Feathers Collection
 Feathers ..
Raven Hawk and Dover
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