Tuesday, May 15, 2012

GIZZA Creations Presents - The Kallisto Dress

Please for me as..
 Breezy is a little late blogging this exquisite Gown from Gizza Creations 
She wants it in every shade .. NEW GIZZA - Kallisto Dress
 Gizza Creations known for its Wonderful original Creative 
with that extra touch .. Layer upon layer  of sheer delightful texturing ..
Let your own mind take you far far away ..
Visit the Beautiful world of  Gizza Creative today 
also at Culture Shock Still going on till May 26th !!! 
The looks like mindsets are endless 
The  Gizza  Kallisto Dress takes one a step beyond 
to a most peaceful place .. 
The breath taking creative of Gizza Creatives 
Just kick open the doors to endless beautiful looks in fashion .  
 It is a gift , honor and  true delight to blog this is amazing gown ..
from this Spectacular Designer .
Thank YOU Dear Giz Seorn
of Gizza Creations.. for making us all such beautiful designs 
time and time again . each one is just breath taking !! 
Please don't confuse my kindness for weakness 
Despise me all YOU wish  .. *smiles*
Like the song  says 
"Can I break it  to this world" .. 
"I thought you were the sweetest kind" ..
"did you even know  .. " 
Alas  sorry little shallow one .. 
I am not here in this world or any world to be anyone's doormat .. 
least of all  yours ... Blame me for all your misfortunes if that makes you feel better ..

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