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Monday, May 21, 2012

A Fallen Gods Inc. Fantasy with The Ice Elf

Behold The Fantasy 
This one Belongs to The Ice Elf  from Fallen Gods Ind.
For it continues .. On and On . 
Why not make one for yourself today or one day soon . 
Believe in her or Not .. Hear her words or Not .
This is The Ice Elf , a most deep and Passionate One 
So Not for all .. But those that know her Intimately
Know the depths of her heart .. smiles .. Nods they do !
Visit the spectacular world of Fallen Gods Inc .Today
With One Swoop she appears .. And then .. 
Sensitive to a Fault , Not for all to comprehend ,
Best that way . Hence the Ice .. the beauty and Heart 
Protected by the cool sensation and hues of Blue .. 
the clouds darken and spark . There is something quite special in the Air ..
A cool blue cool Mist .. a Powerful  chill .. Its her .. Its the Ice . 
 From The Amazing World of Fallen Gods 
Ice Elf .. With  The Ice Elf Ensemble .. by Fallen Gods Inc.

Hair from Wasabi Pills ((of course))
In World
Delightful Blog
On Market Place 
Lip gloss Bl Liquid 
Poses and prop  Lost Angel Industries.... Wind  
 Watches the Madness unfold .. No mere Writer can make this stuff up .. 
For this is Life in any world .. 
Ah and then she is gone .. or .. Is She .. *grins* .. ah The Ice Elf 
a Most entrancing one Indeed .
Love. Despise or Hate her .. It  really does not matter for with or with out any said beings 
She Shall live for eternity .
Visit the spectacular world of Fallen Gods Inc .Today

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