Sunday, May 6, 2012

Gizza Designs Presents " Dance In Wind"-Now @ Culture Shock 2012

Perhaps One of the Most Beautiful Gowns Breezy has ever seen for Charity !
Embrace The Element of Air ..
See the Wind wrap its self around you when you wear
Gizza Presents "Dance In Wind "
Now @ Culture Shock 2012 with all proceeds 
Going to Charity ((Doctors with out Boarders))
Chic Management is Proud to share and Present 
This Spectacular Event Going on Now 
The Flow, textures and creative of this gown  tells a beautiful Story ..  
Gizza Designs Presents " Dance In Wind"
Amazing Gown ..  Amazing Event ....  Amazing Cause ...
What are you waiting for ???
Gizza Designs Presents " Dance In Wind"
There is No Bad Side to the ebb and flow of this Spectacular Gown 
Gizza Designs Presents " Dance In Wind"
We each do indeed  dance to a different dance ..
In this thing called life .. 
How Grand and Beautiful when folks can get over themselves
and simply accept and  appreciate one another for our
own individual Dance and flaws  to and through it ..
Gizza Designs Presents " Dance In Wind"
Blog shot Location @ Temple of Elemental Earth by the amazing Elicio Ember

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