Wednesday, May 16, 2012

*Solidea Folies* – PollyDoll Outfit @ THE COUTURIERS DOCK

 Grins   Had to grab this ensemble and rush home ..  Cause its SO Steamy !! 
*Solidea Folies* – PollyDoll Outfit @ THE COUTURIERS DOCK
  h.m.a.e.m. -Freedom Hat Confetto @ The Couturiers Doc
Poses from OoO Studios 
A dozen or so Fabulous Designers 
Gathered for short time with Limited Designs 
 The Look Steamy and Yummy 
The Photo Shoot  taken @ New Babbage 
You will never guess who is home !!!! 
Well he has his Clanks Hard at Work ..
Breezy couldn't even get an eye brow raise
She Twirled and Twirled 
But they sure do  LOOK  Dapper as They Are working hard !! 
*Solidea Folies* – PollyDoll Outfit @ THE COUTURIERS DOCK
  h.m.a.e.m. -Freedom Hat Confetto @ The Couturiers Doc
Oh and Who's back in New Babbage ???  
Shudders  ..... Why Its No Other then ....Doctor Obolensky
Indeed The Man The Legend of none Other Then New Babbage ..
Seems he Has Taken Over The Deep .. Only New Babbage Folks . 
What on Earth is he Up to Now with those Bossy Clanks of His  ???
Rumor Mills have it he has taken over the Entire Deep ..
Poor New Babbage !!!
((how wonderful !!!!))  
No wonder why Clanks are So Bossy ..
Look Who Bosses Them !! 
More to come on this Deviant Evil Genius of New Babbage 
Welcome Home Doc !!!  


RF said...

Outstanding -just watch out for Doc... he is a nefarious genius!

Rhianon Jameson said...

Well-spotted, madam! I shall have to engage in a bit of reconnoissance myself. Perhaps I can find out what the Doctor is up to - doubtless it's no good!

Breezy Carver said...

Do watch out for the Clanks ..
Pay no mind to their dapper means,
For they are far more then Most Bossy !!
heh :) hugs to you both !!!