Sunday, June 3, 2012

Glam Affair, Gizza and Lostangel Ind. All @ Chic 2 Event

 Perhaps One of the Most Beautiful Skins Yet from Glam Affair 
Meet Mia !!  
Taste Debut Available only @ Chic 2 Event 
 The Darling and Most Stunning ensemble From Gizza 
Also Only @ Chic 2 Event 
available in 4 Delicious Designs Stay tune for More ! 
 Poses and Props from Lost Angel Ind.
Store front . In Modern 
Available and Created for Chic 2 Event 
Hello My Love .. I Heard a Kiss from YOU ..
Come shop and  join in the Celebration at this Terrific Clever Event 
From and with Chic Management 
Happy Birthday  Chic Management 
A more intimate grassroots venue
 (think vintage CHIC events! One big room, haha)
 with 150 of the best loved CHIC clients
Each brand will have one new and exclusive (for the duration of the event) item with the theme of CHIC.
Your Cab to this Fun Event

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