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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Come One Come All To A Midsummer's Night Ball In Venexia Tonight

 Far away .. Tucked safely on the edge of time 
between Stunning Passionate and Exquisite is The City of Venexia  
For One Night It shall come alive and open it's city gates to all ...
((well really its always open to all ))
Alas this evening is extra special for one can tp right into The Piazza and enjoy
A Midsummer's Night Ball ..
Come One Come All . 
Tonight June 23rd 
Sorry no child avis,  for Venexia  is an  Adult Role Play Sim .
The entire Sim is Built by an Amazing  Most Talented, and Refreshingly Modest Team , 
Baal Zobel and Kora Zenovka
Join Us Tonight for This Beautiful Evening  of Festive dancing 
On the sim that everyone is whispering about .
The City of Venexia 
The Piazza is Decorated with gold Stars and  Shrubs from Italy
the fires are burning brightly . 
The Sun is smiling for the Moon ..
Indeed this A Midsummer's Night Ball 
In Venexia 
Will you join us !! 
Wear something festive and White a touch of blood always welcome ...
Join us Celebrate the Full Bold Summer of a New Celestial Year .

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