Sunday, August 2, 2009

Avilion Vale~ Avilion Celestial Ball Room ~

Ah in a far away place ... another world ... a dream come to life thanks to the many imaginations ,and creative hands and minds ...
Indeed Beyond The Mist lays much wonder and magic
Avilion Mist~ Avilion Vale~Avilion
take a peak at a one of the many many splendors and wonders
behold the beauty and beyond
of the Avilion Vale
Celestial Ball Room
Hidden and Tucked away beyond the realm and and sky
A look at what lies in the clouds and above hidden in the Vale ....
Once ones find the secret portal and arrives and all rezzes ... if one can get the on catch .. The Musical Stream was ..... let's say not of this particular travelers choice ...

One should be able to click and change their stream to their own personal choice but do to upgrades and the like at this time seems this was not working ... sigh .. perhaps another time
But Still it was a most magical space and place ...and touched my heart to find it and share :)
the ideology is to either dance on the cloud or click on one of the planters
(each with a lovely dance all their very own ..)
all alone I did twirl and twirl ....... and smiled for all those that could enjoy and find happiness
in this very special place .....
.. thank you for looking and I do hope you enjoyed a touch into the Grand fantasy of dreams and hopes .. A small taste and Piece of one of the Most Magical Successful
Empires on the Grid .. A peek into the window of The Land of Avilion... smiles
Indeed Fair Winds for now .. hugsss and happy twirlsssssssssssssssssssss

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Ceejay Writer said...

Beautiful. I must find this place.