Monday, August 17, 2009

By The Sea .. Fancy Bathers & Me .....

Ladies You don't want to miss out on this Must Have collection By Mr Nix Sands ..
Fancy Bathers is indeed a creative labor of love collection !!!!!!!!!!
details details details ... a cute top two choices of bottoms .. a scripted skit that changes a dozen shades ............ A darling scripted straw hat that goes up or down , the band also changes a dozens shades .. Did I mention the scripted parasol that not only has a darling friendly animation it also changes shades .. (( Captain Red dear are You reading this smiles ))
ahh and the darling specs and beach shoes . Just too cute !!!
available on X Street at the above link and the Prices ... are You sitting down ?
For the complete dozen shade of Fancy Bathers Just $465.00 Lindens
that's right Just $465.00
I often refer to Mr Nix Sands as The Peter Max of Second Life !!!!
a wonderful creative upbeat whimsical designer !!!!
He is so thoughtful .. there are no better words to describe the great most caring attentions
Mr Sands gives to each of his many details
So Ladies please don't miss this one .. Perhaps .. Pick up a set of these for Yourself today !!!
Enjoy the Magic and Fun of Mr Nix Sands
and take a walk on a beach near you soon ..........................
Special thanks to my friend Mr. Nix Sands for taking and making the time to make and create this most special collection for us all .. and thank You readers .. for taking a peak .
I have listed all the wonderful details below with colors etc ... and yes gentlemen there is a version for you as well ... grins ..
smilesss and happy twirlssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Perhaps See You all by the Sea soon !!!

XNT~ Fancy Bathers
#1 "Victorian" Swim Suit in One Dozen Colors!
A wonderful women's beach/swim ensemble inspired by the bathing beauty images on Kimball's Tobacco trading cards of the 1890's. If you want modesty, there are plenty of other Victorian era bathers out there. These are for the avatar that wants something a tad more daring---while staying within the realm of the 19th century.This huge set includes the Fancy Bathers #1 ensemble in 12 colors so you’ll never have to match anyone else at the beach party. There are also optional parts that allow you to vary your look even more!
PlungeTop & Knickers in a dozen stripy colors
Flexi-prim Skirt with Touch-Menu Color
Scuplted-prim tied bows for the knickers and top
Straw Boater Hat w/ TouchMenuColor, Resize, and Up/Down position
Parasol with TouchMenuColor and with holding pose that will work with most AO's
Gold-framed Pince Nez Sunglasses with scripted lens color/opacity

Optional Bikini style bottom w/sculpted-prim ties
Waistband Glitch garment to wear when you want to make the prim skirt contrats to your knickers & top
Canvas "Plimsoll" beach slippers in 2 colors
Canvas "Plimsoll" mules in 2 colors
Couples: This ladies ensemble is the companion set to our Men's Brighton BeachSuit
also offered here on xstreet.Keywords: vintage, victorian, edwardian, 1800's, twenties, antique, wild west, steampunk, goth, steam era, 19th century, civil war, ante bellum, belle epoch, swimmer, swimsuit, bathing suit, beach wear, lady, ladies, women, women's, girl, girls, girl's, xcentricity, eccentricity, x-centricity


Edward Pearse, Duke of Argylle said...

Lovely photos! Nice collection too

Breezy Carver said...

Why thank You Sir ... smile