Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy 100th Birthday to ...........................

The Morgan !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Grins In case anyone didn't know .. Breezy is a die hard romantic .... Look at this automobile ...
I got the chance to ride in one for the first when I was just nine years old .. A good friend of my parents on the cape let my Dad take it for a ride .. I shall never forget the coastal ride on 28 ocean side round the curves on old cape cod scenic coastal bends and Chatham old roads ..
from that moment on it was a vehicle to be respected and behold .. and some how one or two always seem to find their way to new England be the coasts of the cape , Bar Harbor or Nova Scotia .... swoon at the beauty and remarkable features of this very fine automobile .... Indeed a drive and express way unforgetable experience to any one's heart!
Happy 100 years with noo bail outss YaY Morgan !!!!!!!!!!!!
"When in 1909, at the age of twenty-eight, Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan (HFS as he came to be known throughout the motoring world) designed and built his first single-seater three-wheeled experimental car, he could never have dreamt that he would become one of the world's major manufacturers of three-wheeler motor cars.
"The son of a country clergyman, HFS was lucky not to be forced to enter the church as a profession. Far from discouraging him from making his own way in life, his parents and grandparents gave him every assistance. He was educated at Stone House, Broadstairs, and Marlborough College and then entered Crystal Palace Engineering College in south London, and it was here that his design and artistic talents developed." In 1906 he opened a garage in Malvern, Worcestershire. "The venture flourished and HFS was then able to turn his thoughts to making a
car of his own design.

"The prototype, completed in 1909, was a single-seater fitted with tillersteering. It also incorporated Morgan's special form of sliding pillarindependent front suspension. With the addition of such refinement as rebound springs and shock absorbers, this form of front suspension is still used on modernfour-wheeler Morgans. The whole car was very light and was powered by a 7 horsepower Peugeot motorcycle engine.
"On Boxing Day 1910 HFS entered the first London-Exeter Two Day Trial in the JAP-enginedsingle-seater fitted with tiller steering. He won a gold medal and received favorable press coverage. So well did his cars do in competition that at the Motor Cycle Show in November 1911 he was inundated with enquiries and orders. He realized that to maintain momentumhe must enter as many sporting events as he could.
"In 1912 the company became the Morgan Motor Company Ltd, and made a smallbut significant profit of 1314pounds..."After the war (WWI) public demand for motors far outstripped supply...By 1923 Morgan were being manufactured under license by Darmont in France... In 1936 the government announced that the following year it was going to abolish the Road Fund Tax, which did away with the three-wheeler's tax advantage..." That year Morgan Motor Company introduced the four wheeler called the 4-4, for the four cylinders and four wheel car. The 4-4 model Morgan is still in production.
During World War II the company was converted to the war effort and no car were built. After the war the company slowly began producing cars again. They concentrated on producing cars for export.
"(HFS) son, Peter Morgan, was educated at Oundle and in 1936 entered the Chelsea College of Automobile Engineering; on the out break of war he enlisted in the Royal Army Service Corps... After being released in 1946 with the rank of captain, he immediately joined the company... in 1958 Peter took over as managing director..."


Rhianon Jameson said...

That is one incredible looking motor vehicle, Miss Breezy!

Breezy Carver said...

Indeed It is .. aww thank YOU for stopping by i do so enjoy your visits Miss Rhianon ((Smiles)) ...