Friday, August 7, 2009

Indeed Sir Arthur Did Inspire This Bongo in The Jungle
Oh pish posh and fiddle dee dee .. no Myans are going to stop me ...
to quote one my own personal favorites .. "I've been around ya know!"
Adjusts Pistols fluffs hair and skirt .. pardon me .. please now where was I .. Oh yes ..
please allow me to introduce part of the darling Women's Safari Suit collection
of Miss Viv Trafalgar ....
She was Commissioned by the Most Kind and Brilliant Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to make a most special ensemble for explorations
While so many of we prepared for Breakfast dances .. Circus shows .. Music appreciation nights .. articles of interests .. building contents and dare I plug myself and type theme balls , endless constructions .. mindless creative .. fun adventures .. more building ..
tucked away in sky box not far .. Miss Viv set out to make a little something again requested by Dear Sir Arthur who was most kind enough to encourage to create this for public sale as well so all could enjoy and for .. goodness sake "dress the part with style"
Oh pardon me a moment .. makes note to self .. Must tell Capt. Red about this place and remind her to bring her butterfly net .. hummm Oh .. Lions and Tigers and Bears .. Oh My !!
umm no not on this trip.. grins .. this was a short run just to say thank you and show a brief look into another style of this clever collection all hand made by Ms Viv :)
Indeed I added Miss Canolli's specs .. and my own scarf , some black lace gloves .. and boots .. well I had to breezy it up just a tad .. don't you know .. (( smiles ))

The hat with or with out Vail is my favorite .. and the skirt leads to a most perfect twirl ..
but the garters and stockings along with the safari inspired under crackers from Capt Red just too darling .. leans down hoping the Captain does not notice my (((tiny bling)) that does indeed on most all of breezy's boots sshhhhh secret ... no one even notices these things .. grins . except for maybe .. Gus .. and Mael and umm George but they will never read this .. tip toes by ....
once near the water it did get a little buggy but with a few shots of dear Miss Ordinals clockwork pistal .. in moments all gone .. twirlsssssssssssssss some more ..............................
ahhh a rest but just for now .. hope to see you out and about soon .. but for now safe travels and happy trails .. hummm ok wrong era but .. wavessssssssssssssssss and twirlssssssssssss work in any time ... grins..........

Yes ! there is a Men's as well ...
Both comming to x street first of week .. YAY !!!!


Capt. Red Llewellyn said...

My Word Miss Carver! what happened to your skirt & bustle! did some rapacious lion come by and bite it nearly off!? [clutches her pearls] your nether limbs are exposed to the great outdoors! ... and what is that tiny sparkling strange light that flickers upon your footwear...with the click clack sound...what *could* that be!?

[grins] Awwww Breezy we all know you secretly LOVES the bling! [smiles ruefully] and i fervently hope i don't hurt anyone's feelings with the teasing comments of bling...[winks to a certain beloved twirler - yes YOU!]...but really each one has their own style...and reasons to flaunt conventions [winks] that's the fun of fashion! bling and clack on dear to your wee heart's content...!!! i'm just gonna tease ya something rotten now and then is all! [winks] with LURVE!

Breezy Carver said...

((grins in return dear Captain))

skirt & Bustle hummm was it in the box .. humm i must check . shakes my head oh my !!! light ?? footware?? click clack ?? sounds?? bright light ?? me ... heavens noo .. not I dear Captain!!
(( (hugs)don't you dare change a thing !!! grins at you as it is you earned the teasing rights tenfold .. YOU are soo free to do so .. with spender always big smile and many twirlss (turning down the bling just a tad * ) *just for now.. and right back at YOU !!!!

((thank YOU !! ))