Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's Shark Week !!!!!

At the Sea-Side
When I was down beside the sea
A wooden spade they gave to me
To dig the sandy shore.
My holes were empty like a cup.
In every hole the sea came up, Till it could come no more.
by Robert Louis Stevenson
Ah The beauty of the Sea The power of The ocean's Mysteries
and what she can do and be to all that can see...... The Shark
A treacherous monster is the SharkHe never makes the least remark.
And when he sees you on the sand,He doesn't seem to want to land.
He watches you take off your clothes,And not the least excitement shows.
His eyes do not grow bright or roll,He has astonishing self-control.
He waits till you are quite undressed,And seems to take no interest.
And when towards the sea you leap,He looks as if he were asleep.
But when you once get in his range,His whole demeanor seems to change.
He throws his body right about,And his true character comes out.
It's no use crying or appealing,He seems to lose all decent feeling.
After this warning you will wish To keep clear of this treacherous fish.
His back is black, his stomach white, He has a very dangerous bite.
by Lord Alfred Douglas
I shall close with one of the best Story tellers of all times ..
Mr Robert Shaw as Captain Quint .... Brilliant !!!
I was so care free and young when I saw this movie (( summer 75' on cape cod)) ... didn't go in the water for a week.. grins it was a big deal ..
(a few years later I was a life guard on the beach but this is one main scene to this day that still gives me goosebumps)
Enjoy and thanks for reading ahhh and enjoy the waters
wavesssssssssssssssssssssssss and twirlsssssssssssssssssss

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