Thursday, August 6, 2009

a Little Trip !! Complete with Clock Haven !!!

Sometimes we just have to jump into our special Air Balloon and take a ride ..
Not sure where I shall end up .. Ready to join me ??
Well of course the proper Attire is a must .. Amanda's flight Suit from
Reasonable Desires ((my own flight cap and goggles from Unzipped ))
perfect Name for the darling Spot as the Prices are more then Reasonable and costumes darling and full
of inspirations for all kinds of one's desires (( blush)) As I was saying I hopped on my air ship and began my very own little adventure ..
hummm now where am I (smiles) let me look at my Map .. ah Map where did I put it ....
Oh a Light house always a good sign Indeed !!!
ahh there's the Map .. perhaps I shall land and explore ..
Ahhh.....Miskatonic Valley
Miskatonic Valley is a Lovecraft-themed community
humm recent Monster Sited .. makes note to self to inquire with dear Dr Fabre on this.. oh my !!

Well this is interesting quaint and all .. .. sigh..
Some how it just makes me miss New Babbage!!!
yes that's it .. Home Sweet Home New Babbage ...
In no time I was back in my (darling) air ship and on my way Home to New Babbage ,
Indeed I do believe a flight over our New Sim Clock Haven is in order .. !!!!
YaY!! There is Rip's Light House and the long board walk ..
Note the entry .. Miss Commons latest build .. every build on the entire Sim... Just sooty Splendid !!
Mr Victor's Place Charming with his round Green doom green house effect !!
The Clock Winder's latest Jewel and all who have worked on her ClockHaven= Labor of Love..
New Flash New Babbage does it yet Again !!!
Score !!!! What a wicked, fun ,well built Sim !!!!
sometimes a picture speaks volumes .. please click and enlarge!!
for more information come to New Babbage and seek out The Mayor !!
*Love It* The Gangblank's clock and the alley !!
What a Wonderful Site .. (( Even it it was not all fully Rezzed *grins*))
Ahh home sweet home ...
Well Hello Mr Polar Bear ... Pardon ? why no I do not have any salmon ..
So Off on an adventure Mr Polar Bear went ... wavessssssss
What a so most content Happy New Babbage Polar Bear !!!
No Shopping today but I did have a lovely chat with the Most creative
Miss Terry for a neat design perhaps for the fall .. *grins*
I do love a good adventure but always
so nice to come Home... and thanks for Looking ...
Safe Travels to all .. perhaps see ya on land or sea or even in the air ....oh and in any world ..
((Lip gloss a must .. gigglessss))
wavessssssssssssssssssssss and twirlssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
*Big Smile*

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Dr. Rafael Fabre said...

Outstanding voyage, Miss Carver! Quite an intrepid passage, and I do look forward to your next excursion.