Sunday, August 30, 2009

~Rock With You~ Indeed !!!

Hunkered down in real life with a wicked stormy weekend ..
sigh .. what does one do ?? Ah endless indoor chores of course
and then the Magic begins when one is able to log *thank You mr. generator* into the grid .
Below a bit of the magic if you please with a behind the scene look at the newest
most amazing creations by Miss Canolli Capalini ....
*Grins* When Miss Canolli shared with me her latest idea about these amazing rocking horses I was indeed elated !!! Why one would ask ??? One of my favorite things to do as a little breezy was to rock on my rocking horse .. ( I have been told I used to sleep on him *blushes*)
I do recall jumping up early in the am just to rock ...
*smiles* ..... This is what its all about Ladies and gentlemen .. The magic and the privilege of sharing in one of many dreams brought to life .. I know no other builder that can do it with such a remarkable signature heart lace flair all her very own as Miss Canolli !!!
Her eye for detail in textures and design always most special , but what makes each item come to life is her remarkable touch to detail in animations !!!
As any builder or scripter will share with you .. It is all a process .. but this (grins) is always a fun process to watch come to life with Canolli .. Where most will say I am busy.. I can't talk ..
Miss Canolli has the remarkable gift of having fun with her creations .. Remarkable Fun !!!!!!!!!
It is my a true joy and privilege to call her friend !!!
To watch each one of her most original ideas come to life just remarkable !!!
Now the special part .. When I first saw her new fleet of Rocking Horses I was so most touched to see the white one ... For that is the color I used to rock on . Mine had Red Roses and a red Mane.. but this one is spectacular !! You bet I now own Him !!! YAY !!!!
with a smooth gentle soothing rock and animations well .. One just must get one for their very own !!!
These wonderful rocking horses are available in three shades ..
There will be a smaller one for children as well
Available in her shop in New Babbage and on X Street !!
Ahh but she did not stop no no no ... behold above a darling small music box with the sound all will love .. an adorable key turn movement and sounds and the music well .. sigh .. Dreamy really ..
And then if that was not enough .. Behold her new choker .. WoW !! .. the details and again textures just stunning ahh and the name .. of course it called my name ..
I present Miss Canolli's very own ..
Salt Water Angel Choker ..
Miss Canolli is a true talent of New Babbage ,Modest and low profile but so full of passion and creative .. Congratulation to her for wining Most Creative for her Steam punk Rose !!!
and whispers thank YOU for your friendship ...
don't hate me for the song ( It really fit !! )) ..
big smile and happy twirlssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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