Saturday, August 1, 2009

~Smoke and Mirrors~

Smoke and Mirrors in any Life is an art form .....
and who knows what tomorrows may bring ....
For in each of our lives ...any world there is happiness , hurt, laughter ,tears ...
the art form .... what does one let the others see .
Sometimes the actions speak louder then any words .. when people we thought were friends
time and time again let us down ... twirlsssssssssssssssssssssssss
to those breezy has let .down.... let me type here she is indeed sorry ...
To those that have let breezy down (( it is a short list))... but more important .. It is the same list... grins .... Where I come from loss and rejection can indeed make us stronger .. oh not right away ..but it is through these painful hard complicated moments , experiences where indeed our own
(not what others think!)
characters are developed ..
some people get all the love .. some people do not .. is crap !!
laughter, smirks.. behind people's back .. grins it gets back
sooner or later .. it always comes back ...
no one .. no one group dictates the ways and means of another in any world !!!
We get what we give .. If one give loves one will get it in return .. We do not, can not, control how others process feelings. be it joy or sadness pain or pleasure .. remember that !
So the next time one thinks what they think is best .. think again.. think a lot ....
grins .. little (( to some sigh.. foolish )) breezy thinks a lot .. In fact she is guilty of thinking too much .. going too deep and you know what .. I wouldn't have her any other way ,because as much as some of her time maybe waisted in thoughts .. Some of her best times are enjoyed because of those thoughts !!!!
hummm no one tells breezy what to do .. smiles perhaps it just not you ....
Perhaps ,breezy listens to the wise and other old souls that get caring sharing and giving with out conditions .. with out stipulations .. gosh I love that !!!
My prayer card is full always with special thanks and good wishes to so many that i know and care for ..always including that short list ... but it also includes those i have no clue to .. why ?
Because it is the right thing to do ..
Breezy has been working on her second life bio... smiles .. as much fun as it has been .. smile .. there too is some pain ..deep ..hurt ..there .. Oh not all shall be mentioned .. but my goodness she has lived on this grid and I believe she is a better real person for it .. For as genuine as she may be there is so much others never see.. hummm guilt and drama .. two major jump words .. words that cause people to flinch.. perhaps because they hit it home .. suggestion look in the mirror before one uses them .. because one might just be the trigger to these such events ... looks at that short list again . smiles and nods

ah as for the short .. list . I have and shall not given up on you ..
smiles not yet .. after all i keep it right ??
Indeed Ladies and Gentlemen I can be aggressive
... there are tasks and good works to be ..
Smoke and Mirrors to be set and to perhaps blow out of the water ...
Risks to take and journeys to be explored.. life is fleeing ..
grins life is one heck of a ride .. Like each waves embrace , feel, live it .. but as I always type in any world .. remember to look to your right and look to left .. remember when thinking of others .. remember those who have been kind and most of all when one thinks their actions aren't personal .. think it again... we are dealing with words here .. Perhaps breezy shall type slower in the future .. perhaps she is backing away great deal ... because well there are those thoughts she contends with ....
and they are endless ,its not always about the grind..
It can't be ..In other words .. If our own lives don't jive and click .. Nor can any of the Smoke and Mirrors
whispers Happy Birthday to one of best keepers in strength, dignity and character
I have ever endeared on line ..
hugsssssssssss and thanks for reading
twirlssssssssssssssssssssssss away into in the bright spectacular August 1st day !!

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