Monday, August 24, 2009

Thank YOU From Piermont Landing ......

The Orient Express Ball went on with a Hitch (( no pun intended ))
With 103 guests through the three hour event ..
Averaging 57 to 64 in attendance all three hours
with just under 50 for the forth Hour ....The Orient Express was a Most Special night for many of We !
This was Piermont Landing's twelve Formal Ball ... It was August and Wow !!
Thank YOU all from the center of my Heart
for making it a most Special Night to Remember Yet Again !!!!!!!!!!!!!
There was some very special things going on at this Ball .....
Well..grins... to be honest.... that is always our intention at Piermont ....
First There was a very special challenging Build Contest that our noble brave builders took on
and the most brave kind Special Judges that took the time and made the effort to Judge ...
Next came the music .....Mr. Bats took on an unbelievable challenge himself this month , The first being my own wild idea .. to incorporate a wide variety of Criminal Tangos..
Result excellent execution of original music and scores ..
about a half dozen various wonderful Criminal Tango were played during the evening ,by the way ....
hummm I think its time for the wonders of dance animations to create a
Criminal Tango Dance animation !
As for the explanation of the evening of our Journey in Music together...
please allow me to quote The amazing Mr Bats himself
Bats: so, my first thought for the set was to do something on the theme of trains... but after an hour or so fighting with it, i realized that'd pretty much mean a country/hobo/rockabilly sound to the whole thing, which just doesn't work for the orient express.... so, i stopped thinking about the train itself, and started thinking about the _route_ ended up with a few rough points - both because the major stops/cities changed over time, and trying to find a way to shoehorn all the different criminal tangos into a European train ride.. but, rough track aside, i basically handled it musically as a trip through the major stops of the train - french & german cabaret, leading through waltzes in vienna, then hungary & romania, on to istanbul..
So many of our guests Loved the music ... So much so that many stayed an extra hour !!!
Imagine ... A four hour Journey ....... Through the lovely European countryside and cities ...

Oh why The obsession with Criminal Tangos ?????
Grins I think they Worked just ... fine .. Just fine ..and some shall be Indeed Incorporated regularly..
See Cloud below !!!
smilesssssssssssssssss and twilsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Ahh and We hope to See YOU all Next Month When
Piermont Landing Presents
The Formal Black Soot Ball
The Hot Air Balloon Build Contest

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