Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Victoriana Harbour

Greetings on an enchanting Mid August evening .. What better share then a visit to the beautiful peaceful Sims of The Nation of Victoriana. We are visiting a Sim I had fallen in love with the first time it was introduced to me many months ago ,by my dear CompaƱero Dr. Fabre ..
Quite the Voyageur of The Grid he be ! (( smiles))
The creative on each of these sims is quite breath taking, I shall stay with the heart filled Victoriana Harbour this evening . Tucked away, one is able to get to by train or the popular teleporting ......
Once one steps off the train and walks the cobbles a short lovely stroll down under a darling tunnel one is greeted with one of the most enchanting Harbors on the Grid !!!
It is perfect Romantic Victorian with a dash of extra heart and handful of warmth !
Finding this Nation was spectacular... Sharing it .. it becomes a most special gift ... I can not even begin to type how much I am looking for to exploring it all ...
For it is with out a doubt a most special Gem all its own !!
smiles at the quaint market place .. with rich period builds and a most unique warmth that one just must experience rather then just read about .....

ah then the sea shore .. Not to mention the views and just airy feel .. stunning !!!!!
From sun rise to mid day right up to sunset .. these waters and beach front are darling ...
oh My what do we have here a lovely picnic .. with a most special guest !!
Just more of the charm I say !!!
mmmm Lets the photos speak for themselves ... Simply Delightful ..
How could this Sea Breeze ... breezy not be in heaven ...
Ahh just a peak at Carnival Victoriana ... smilesss
Ahh the end to a perfect mid august day .... Special Mentions of Kudos to
Mayor LittleBlackDuck Lindsay
for running an amazing operation and special thanks again to Dr Fabre for sharing this piece of magic .. on the grid with me ... thank You for reading for more information on The Victoriana Nation please go here ..
smilesss and twirlsssssssssssssssssssss


Rhianon Jameson said...

All of Victoriana is lovely, but Victoriana Harbour might be the nicest spot in the nation. Thank you for sharing the pictures, and reminding me that I should pay my own return visit shortly.

SKP said...

These are wonderful photographs :) I do know the Harbour well, but they help me see it in a new light. Thank you Miss Carver!

Dr. Rafael Fabre said...

Looking forward to seeing more of your photography of the harbor, Miss Carver - you have quite a photogenic eye, madam!

Breezy Carver said...

Grins Agreed Miss Rhianon!
Oh I am so pleased Mr Skp ...
and you are Most Kind Dr Fabre ..
thank YOU to each of you for your kind words and visitng Breezy's little bit of space here ..
smiless and twirlssssssssssssssss