Friday, December 31, 2010

A Happy and Healthy New Years to You and Yours !!!!

A Happy and Healthy New Years to You and Yours !!!!

Auld Lang Syne

Should old acquaintance be forgot,
and never brought to mind
Should old acquaintance be forgot,
and old lang syne
For auld lang syne, my dear,
for auld lang syne,
we'll take a cup of kindness yet,
for auld lang syne.
And surely you'll buy your pint cup !
and surely I'll buy mine !
And we'll take a cup o' kindness yet,
for auld lang syne.
We two have run about the slopes,
and picked the daisies fine ;
But we've wandered many a weary foot,
since auld lang syne.
We two have paddled in the stream,
from morning sun till dine† ;
But seas between us broad have roared
since auld lang syne.


Special Note :
To my Dear Partner Rafael . mi Compañero, on the Grid ..always Close.
thank you for being the extraordinary Man that you are ,
for always keeping Breezy safe and very Happy !!
Happy Anniversary .. A toast toYou Sir, and many more ..
with a great big Virtual Hug :)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Your turning heads ... Your wearing LeLutka Designs !!!!!!!!!!!!

Your turning heads ... Your wearing LeLutka Designs !!!!!!!!!!!!
Not the ordinary??? ... You wear it well?? .. Sure why Not !!!
When You are wearing LeLutka You are guaranteed to turn heads and Spark !!
Breezy is proud to present a few stunning ensembles from The House of LeLutka
First up Brand New Release from [LeLutka]-SHUTTER dress in gold ...

Ladies you are sure to wear it well and yes be turning... heads
in this hot shimmery little number ... grins .
the textures are just fabulous !!! the style cut and details are pristine !!!!
Precision Styling with class and style, for a personality !!!
It just has to be LeLutka..............
This is an amazing team of designers that reach for the top and nail their designs with
rich fortitude,an over the top fun ,out of the box signature Look ..
that says, Lelutka, of course !!!
The Look is LeLutka, the fashion is LeLutka .The details are up You !!!
That's true successful creative in design in Second Life !!!
Be Inspired and visit this amazing (Sim) World today ..
The World of LeLutka Designs .. On Second Life !!
Next up From LeLutka Breezy is wearing .. The Shiver Gown
The Shiver Gown indeed does take one's breath away as it is just that : breathtaking ..
Classic Couture !!! Timeless in Beauty and Design ..
and so Shiny too !!!
The Shiver Gown Paired with .. [LeLutka]-ARIEL jacket
Just drop dead original and quite Spectacular ..
Octopus included .. Come on how wicked fun and clever is that !!!
This Fantastic Design House has true Steamy Hearts among its
Creative Design Team, Stay tuned for more from them in 2011
The Best is yet to come !!!!
Stop By LeLutka Designs today
and in no time .. You will wear it well too !!!
Happy and Healthy New Year to all !!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The House of Nymphetamine Brings in The 2011 New Year ....

The House of Nymphetamine Brings in The 2011 New Year ....

Indeed Breezy is quite thrilled to share with All The Decadence Line from
Miss Paeoti Pomeray,this is her latest collection... Ladies she has been busy
breezy is wearing The Paeoti_Maya's Decadence Corset and Garter Set with Belly Dangle
Decadence is the Perfect word to describe the entire Collection ..
Behold This Steamy Corset & Garter Collection .. bows and belly dangle included !!!
Miss Paeoti Pomeray , Just celebrated Five year in October 2010, on The Grid
with her BelovedNymphetamine .. Her reputation Still .. remains
Stellar,Fun, Saucy yet stunning and quite Vintage Classy ..
Notice The jewelry Breezy is wearing ??
The Paeoti_Maya's Decadence Jewels
Yes these are also a New Releases From Miss Paeoti..
A Gorgeous choker,detailed with the most beautiful clasp in the back ,
earrings, a bracelet and Ring ..all packaged together
and sold separately :)
Breezy so often says .. There is not a female avi on the Grid, that does not have
a Nymphetamine Design in her inventory !!! ..
Nymphetamine also has a Location in Breezy's Very Own Carrington In Seraph City
Seraph City
and Market Place
what are you waiting for ... don't miss these darling Vintage Collections
Next up these Darling Black Bowed Pumps .. The Paeoti_Maya's Decadence Pump
Oh La La indeed !!!
Breezy is wearing the Darling Paeoti_Maya's Decadence Corset Dress
((Sunglasses from Miss Donna Flora ))
So what are you waiting for ??
Don't miss this fun Vintage 1960's Decadent Collect
only @ Nymphetamine
Paeoti_Maya's Decadence Corset and Garter set with Belly Dangle
Paeoti_May'a Decadence Jewelry
Paeoti_Maya's Decadence Pumps
Paeoti_Maya's Decadence Corset Dress
Happy New Year Party Hat Collection
each sold separately
together shall make for the Most Decandent New Years !!
Yes the Darling Hat is Miss Pae's as well .. grins
now on sale for just 50 Lindens ... you get several shades and styles
available @ her main store and on x street
why not send one to all your friends and grab one for Yourself !!!
Happy New Year to and From Nymphetamine !!!! 
Seraph City
Grab your New Years eve Hat or send as a Gift
((ok folks this amazing Shop is on Sturgis .. that's classic rock .. but for new years ..
breezy is going with .. "Good Times" heh !))
Hugss to Pae ......
Market Place
what are you waiting for ... don't miss these darling Vintage Collections

Sledge Bells Ring .... Are YOU Listening ??? "Terpsichore Tuesday." and New Releases From GWD !!

Sledge Bells Ring .... Are YOU Listening ???
"Terpsichore Tuesday." and New Releases From GWD !!
Pardon Breezy being MIA for a few days...
What an enchanting ensemble to return with ..
"This uniquely beautiful sky blue satin and swans down evening gown.
The slight train and swans down trim is really amazing in person!
May I present, Lady Kembri Tomsen's Latest release Snow Princess."
Breezy just adores the blue !!!!
Indeed it is a Winter Wonderland with and in this Lovely Gown .. smiles
The flow and textures are delicate and quite stunning ....
As Always Period Undergarments are included with each and every
Curious Seamstress Design
Breezy was lighting the candles on her Beautiful BlakOpal Christmas Tree
when she noticed a group invite .. from Mr. VelesJaeger Munster ..
Oh how lovely she thought ....
Mr. Otenth Håkon Paderborn was playing the most delightful set of songs ..
In no time Breezy was dancing and twirling @
Home of Birdsan's Folly and the Harborside Horizon Ballroom.
216 Arbor Avenue - Capt. Veles, Jaegermonster
Miss Annechen Lowey and Capt. Veles, Jaegermonster
explained it was .... "Terpsichore Tuesday."
Annechen Lowey: Weekly dance - Captain Veles and Jarl Otenth
graciously entertain us every Tuesday.
Home of Birdsan's Folly and the Harborside Horizon Ballroom.
216 Arbor Avenue - Capt. Veles, Jaegermonster
Breezy have a lovely time the company was charming and the music a Delight
and the Location just very Pretty .. Have a look for yourselves ..
Mr. Otenth Håkon Paderborn a Stunning Reindeer offered breezy a ride in His Sledge
grins .. But she decided to let others have a try .. heh ..
Breezy cheerfully twirled and danced and watched as others did just that ..
Weeeee what fun we all had :)
Special thanks to Mr. Otenth Håkon Paderborn
Miss Annechen Lowey and Capt. Veles, Jaegermonster for being most kind to breezy ..
To all do give the
"Terpsichore Tuesday." a try .. every Tuesday evening 8pm to 10pm SLT
Next up is also a Spectacular , Most Delicious Gown ..
Lady Kembri of The Curious Seamstress presents Anna ..
The details to the camisole that comes with this Gown are amazing !!!
This is a real treasure , A Morning / Day gown
"Anna is an elegant forest green velvet tea gown which would work wonderfully for any special at home occasion. It is Edwardian and
based on a House of Worth design from around 1901."
Lady Kembri Tomsen
This gown is one of Breezy's all time favorites .. it is rich and eloquent
and just has lovely movement and sweet gracious look and flow ..
A must see in person .. breezy promises You , you will want to grab to this most
special Gown .. smiles ...
No matter front or back this gown and its lovely green velvet textures are eye catching ..
Wear Your Fantasies , enjoy The entire Grid .. Its all at your finger tips waiting
for You to explore and enjoy .. all for now
see ya next time and thank you for stopping by !!
Visit The Curious Seamstress in world or Market Place today :)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Star Light Star Bright ...... Have Fun Being a Movie Star ......Tonight !!!

OK *grins* please bare with Breezy here .. Wicked weather out there ..
snow .. Wind.. Rains .. Sleet ... more wind... and Snow Thunder !!!
and they say it is going to get worse ... So as breezy waits this thing out and as long as
she can pop on line ..
lets have fun shall we ???
A we bit of a tribute to The Classics in Vintage couture and faces below.
((In Video that is *smiles* ))
Breezy would love to have this little ensemble from Blacklace in all worlds ..
so comfy and rich satin .. the chocolate color is just so perfect ...
Blacklace – Silken Dreams –
This Delisous ensemble was released back on November 20th
Breezy believes it is still out
a dream come true. Well,
Silken Dreams, anyway – and its in a limited edition color!
Blacklace’s Silken Dreams will wrap your body in lace trimmed satin, and caress every curve
while grazing your soft skin.
Perfect for cuddling with your partner on a cold night, or for wrapping up in a soft warm blanket and reading that book you’ve been wanting to get to.
Either way, Silken Dreams is the perfect way to pamper yourself

Next up .. Ladies and very special Treat .. From The Second Life Designer of Divas
heh .. just kidding ..
Ladies this a Fun Luxurious One, indeed !!!
Donna Flora's Movie Star in Gold .. and it is shimmery !!!
Fun and just Over the Top Stunning !!!!
Paparazzi not included .. (( grins))
Brenda Sunglasses are sold separately , also by Donna Flora available in many many
fun shades and designs .. what fun !!!
The gown is just gorgeous with a sequin texture to die for .. Well done !!
Two top options are included to indulge one's self with .. *smiles*
So step up, Have some fun and don't miss Your close up ...
In Donna Flora's Movie Star , Shown in Gold also available in MOVIE STAR -black
Thank You so much for stopping by .. More snow tomorrow
so who knows where Breezy shall take us all ..
twirlssssssssssssssss ...