Day Six of Holiday Gifts The Fantastic Aerodynamic Automobiles @ Gorgon Mortor Cars~with Power and Panache!

In any world what Gal wouldn't dream of a new set of wheels ??
Greetings Day 6 of Holiday Gifts bring us To Seraph City to The Magical World
Of Mr. Nix Sands and his very own Gorgon Motors

Gorgon Motors Presents:
The 1929 "Rumba Roadster"
Spectrum Model (60+ colors+30+ textures
• Great retro styling! A tribute to the Morgan 3-Wheeler, an enduring classic and cultural icon.
• 90% Gorgon Motors original and exclusive sculpts
• High-end scripting for a very smooth and enjoyable ride
• Driver position is adjustable by menu
• Passenger can adjust their own riding position by menu
Wait Wait there is Lots More !!
• Eject button for unwanted passengers
• Recolor the fenders & body by menu (60+ colors/shades)
• Adjust shine on fenders & body
• Choose from 30+ upholstery patterns/shades by menu
• HUD with speedometer, lights, horn, gearshift, flight mode + more
• Optional headlight beam that illuminates (control by HUD)
• Engine sound effects, and exhaust particle effects
• Flight mode included
• Adjustable follow camera
• Lock/Unlock function allows others to try your vehicle
DEMO available---Try it Today!

Happy Motoring,
Nix Sands
Fantastic Aerodynamic Automobiles
~with Power and Panache!

• Press the up arrow key on your keyboard and the camera will swivel back behind your avatar.
Your avatar will put both hands on the controls and assume the drive position.
• Next you’ll hear the engine sound change to a rev-up, the vehicle will move forward, and your camera angle should gently slide back and up
• Steer using the right and left arrow keys on your keyboard, and stop by using the down arrow key
• The down arrow key on your keyboard is the brake

• If the vehicle is set on Manual (transmission) you will need to shift up through the various gears in order to continue to accelerate. An easy way to shift up or down is to use the GEAR SHIFT arrows on the HUD. Click the + sign to move up in gear or click the – sign to shift down
• Need to go in reverse? Shift down till the vehicle enters Reverse Gear and press the up arrow (not the down arrow). In some vehicles, like the scooter, your avatar will look over his shoulder and the vehicle will move backwards. Again, to move backwards,
use the UP arrow while you are in Reverse gear.
• After the driver is in place, have the passenger click on the seat and choose "Ride Out" from the pie menu.
• The passenger can choose their pose and adjust their position by clicking on the seat, that will bring up an interactive menu which your passenger can see and operate.
So head on over to Seraph City and Stop By
Fantastic Aerodynamic Automobiles
~with Power and Panache!
To my Friend Mr.Nix Sands
Merry Christmas and Happy New Years
To YOU and YOURS !!