At Piermont Landing we Do Indeed Believe !!!

At Piermont Landing we Do Indeed Believe !!!
First Special Thanks to The Sponsors
House of RFYRE
Blak Opal Designs
The Curious Seamstress
All through the Year , along with you each help Bring
These wonderful Monthly Events to Life
This is perhaps Breezy's favorite Ball :) . ah then there is The Robber Baron .. and
umm gosh .. Well lets say it is in The Top Three ((smiles))
Please allow Breezy to share a wee bit of The Steam Santa Ball for all ...
The Music was Amazing Thank YOU and Special Kudos's
To Piermont's very own Maestro Mr DJ Bats
Thank YOU Well Done !!!!
Special Thanks Always goes to Miss Bookworm The Right Hand Mgmt
To The Piermont in capturing each of you for our Book of Memories ..
Thank YOU Dear Book !!!
Of course Thank YOU to each of YOU that come and support The Landing
and it's Monthly events !!!
There were 110 of YOU and we stayed at steady 60 for three hours straight
well here, Let the Traffic speak for it's self :)
*Gasp* not bad for a three hour event during the Holiday Season on Grid :)
Thank YOU to The *One of a Kind* Baron for Dancing with Breezy
as The Good Doctor was running late ..
but a delightful early Christmas Dance Gift Indeed Sir !!
Ah The Duke always looking Dashing waiting for his Lovely Duchess and Wife
The Beautiful Christine .. smiles
Then Steam Santa Steam Santa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and and Boiler Elf too .. ((grins))
Hey folks this New Babbage and this is How we do things ..
See The Kid's Happy and everything !!!!
It was an Indeed wonderful, enchanting Night! The kind one does not want to end
alas the good Doctor could see Breezy was over tired and mentioned in his most Kind Manor
There would be many other Magical Nights on The Grid , but for now it was time for Breezy
to head off to dream land herself .. Smiles
Thank you To My Dear Dashing partner Rafael :)
Also , a Christmas Gift from Piermont Landing for all ..
There was and shall be Till New Years ..a Collective Music Box
Designed by The Most Finest of Music Box Builders on The Grid
None other then Miss Canolli .
The New Babbage Tartan Oliphont sitting on His Sledge goes round and round
The CFF Tree to The First Noel !!
Ho Ho Ho !!!
Taps Foot No no no Bats You Can't be Santa !!!
Because .. You can't ((grins))
But you sure cue and score the best in Musical Journeys every time !!!
From all of us At Piermont Landing A Merry Christmas
Happy and Healthy New Year
to YOU and YOURS


Thank you Breezy for always being the "Hostess with the Mostest" for this and all other dances in Babbage. The social scene would certainly not be as lively and pleasant without your efforts. Merry Christmas to you and yours and a happy, healthy, properous new year!
Anonymous said…
Merry Season to all in Babbage and especially Piermont Landing.

A toast to the community spirit that lives all year!

So sorry that viewer glitches and lag made me a quiet dancer this time around. Many thanks for Book, as those lovely pictures and cheery welcomes are what make my month over and over again.

Happy 2011 and best to all.
Breezy Carver said…
Hugs to YOU Christine and Dear Miss Darling :)
thank You so much for coming and for Your most Kind words ..
Merry Christmas Ladies and A Most Happy and Healthy New Year to You and Yours
always breezy