Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day Five of Holiday Gifts ~JD~ Mechanical Toy Factory !!

Day Five of Holiday Gifts ~JD~ Mechanical Toy Factory!!
~JD~ Mechanical Toy Factory
Steampunk and Art Neauvo designs in buildings, clothing and accessories.
Our scripted, high detailed works presents the top of SL possibilities. The JD MTF can be hired to build anything you just need from the smallest ring to the whole sim. Expert scripters, high quality builders and texture designers are the base of our team.
Please visit their website for more information, or our factory and or Market Place Store
The Tree Swing is a physical swing (swing rezzer) that you can use just like in real life:
just sit down and use the arrow keys to push/pull yourself.
Turns to non-physical upon standing so it only consumes region resources when used.
Definitely a must have addition to any garden.
Where Oddity meets Quality Indeed !!
Designing and creative for entire sims !!!
One of the Steeltopia Builds smiles :) by The One and only JD Design team
"We built here several buildings, and set up a complet trolley and ferry system for the city to travel around. 19th century Steampunk, apocolyptic steampunk, airships, steampunk weaponry, rifles, guns, pirate ships, art, psychic, furniture, canes, tatoos, antiques, classic, victorian, victoriana, gentlemens outfit, outfits, lady's outfit"
Jenne Dibou's original and most steamy grudge look creative and builds
have become Must haves among the Steam Lands.
The new Poker creative is harmless safe enjoy fun .. Scripted and Textured
for all to enjoy !!!
Texas Hold em has never been so delightful and affordable!!!
Breezy holds on to her Chip !! ((Grins))
Jenne Dibou's miniature train is just priceless .. Being Breezy was playing
with a real life train set this was an enjoyable find ..
notice the smoke coming from the engine ???
All Aboard .. toot toot !!!
available in world and on Market Place makes for a fun gift
for that Person that has it all !!
High on creative Low in Prims !!
Yes Indeed JD is also the original creative Behind these adorable Avi's and there are many more
in world or have a quick visit to her Market Place Shop
Busy Busy .. there is so much more but breezy must be running along
Visit this fabulous Designers World Soon ..
Oh My Breezy turned into a Happy JD Mechanical toy Snowman !!
hehehehe !!
Merry Christmas to JD and her team.
Thank YOU for being YOU and doing what you all do .. ho ho ho !

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