Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day Nine ...Of Holiday Gifts Random Acts of Kindness !!!!!!!!!!!

Day Nine of Holiday Gifts, Random Acts of Kindness !!!!!!!!!!!
a Gesture of Kindness ..
The whole reason for the season is Many things ..
Breezy is quite fond of The act of giving from one's heart
It is not about money and gifts of the material contents
as much as it the gifts in acts of Kindness ..
Breezy was gifted this costume from BARE ROSE ..
and she was reminded of the beauty of Bare Rose ..
the pure creative always priced so most reasonable
and decided to make Day Nine ...
Random Acts of Kindness
Breezy in any world loves to give and do from her heart ..
Selfish gal she be truth be told
because doing and; giving randomly is The Best High she knows ..
Believe in The Magic of The Season ..For it is not about what You Get
it is all about what you do, feel and give .. and it doesn't have to cost you a dime !!
Avoid the Negatives and Do make a Point to share and Compliment The Positives ..
Below are two Beautiful Gestures of Kindness from Two People
Through the years they have become to many and to Breezy
Good Friends....
The First was a Story In The PrimGraph
Written By Miss Ceejay Writer
Now there are several wonderful stories in The Dec Issue
But this one was most Special To Breezy
Because Ceejay took and made the time to not only write it about the Wonderful Community of Seraph City but she included others Including Breezy and The Good Doctor

The Second Most Special Surprise Came from BlakOpal's very Own Mr. Trilo Zanzibar !!!
Trilo Spent many hours taking and getting good footage to make this Amazing Video
Of Piermont's Steam Santa Ball 2010
That my friends is a Labor of Love and Gift from the Heart !!
Behold The fun Magic he Created

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