Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day Seven of Holiday Gifts Monarch City... Headquarters of Monarch Motorcars....the leaders in low prim luxury.

Day Seven of Holiday Gifts Brings breezy to The Marvelous World of
Monarch City - Monarch Motorcars World Wide Headquarters
Cars, Automobile, Auto, Limousine, Cadillac, TAXI, Jeep, Sedan, Convertible, Sportscar....Welcome to Monarch City... Headquarters of Monarch Motorcars....the leaders in low prim luxury.
Monarch World Headquarters Showroom
You will find several of Monarch Motorcars luxurious cars here on two floors
** Breezy is wearing a new Release from Donna Flora ANDREA silver
and Brenda Sunglasses in Silver ... What fun
Back to Monarch's Motors Sleek Designs .. Notice there is a gift vendor
and some of these fabulous Vehicles are still on sale
not many as that sale is over .. *winks* as someone very special that breezy knows
got their Christmas gift early *smiles*
Just outside you will find a Rezzer which will allow you to test several of
Monarch's most popular models.
This Fantastic Sim is a Homestead , but have no doubts Because it in the works
and full of fun builds and activities to visit !!
Including a hot Jazz club !!
(( just needs a steady music stream and working Intan but as breezy said it is still under
contruction .. !!)) breezy has a feeling the Good Doctor and she shall be visiting again soon
Don't forget to visit all the exciting destinations here at Monarch City. And....
of course please be courteous to others when driving around Monarch City.
Please IM Yorba Naidoo Chief Designer of Monarch Motorcars
if you have any questions.
Thank you!
All for, Now but please visit this Fun Sim and Store in world
Also on Market Place .. 


Edward Pearse said...

And their steering wheels are on the proper side of the car!

Woo hoo!

Breezy Carver said...

*grins* @ The Good Duke and his Pride in Details !! .. smiles :)

Anonymous said...

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