Friday, December 10, 2010

Day Ten of Designs The Iconic House of Tres Beau !

Day Ten of Holiday Fashion Brings Breezy to
The Iconic House of
Tres Beau
hope you enjoy!
Tres Beau was started in July 2004 when a Newb named Kimmera decided she had enough of the basic wardrobe she had been given by the gods of SL. It amazes her how much SL has changed since then...."We had no Skins, we had no prim Hair, No AO's, we all walked like truckers..LOL...we had default shoes and simple clothing. Today, we are beautiful in flowing hair, high heels and clothing to die for! I have nothing but respect for all of those who share their skills and talents, creating new and exciting things daily and making SL the most amazing online chat program ever!...Thank You !................." That Is Miss Kimmera !!
Six years working on the grid and still with us all and putting out the most amazing creative !!!
Tres Beau is known for what was possibly the first wedding gown created in SL, and is still offering the finest bridal in SL.
Tres Beau is not only Bridal, She also offers a complete line of Casual wear, shoes, Lingerie, Mens, Retro and Formal. Come see Tres Beau today, and keep checking back! There's always something new at Tres Beau :)
Visit her in world
on Market Place
Tres Beau Latest Release for The ladies is STORM...
Storm is Sumptuous chiffon top over a sexy snake embossed jumpsuit, available in four colors
breezy is wearing Storm Cloud
available in her In World Main Shop
This is a sleek fun Glamorous, Upscale Stunning Look !
Today's fashion Look . perhaps but again As I have said to Kim
Each of Her Tres Beau Creative Ensembles know No Time
For everyone are elegant classics in true Couture !!
((I think she just rolls her eyes at me :) but she is always nice :) ))
Ladies this is a fun fun Look .. for contemporary Gal in us all !!
Visit Tres Beau Today and grab a Storm !!!!

Next up for 2010 Holiday Release is Michigan Ave and Michigan Adorable Boots
each sold Separately .. How adorable are these Ladies ??
Gifting always available @ Tres Beau
Ho Ho Ho!
Kim loves this time of year and has been busy busy busy making cozy new things
for the Holiday Seasons!The first to be released is "Michigan Avenue", inspired by the famous street in Chicago also known as the Magnificent mile, it's a fashion Mecca!
Now Breezy being a real life New England gal who spent many years on Michigan Avenue
Laughed out loud when she saw this Release . (( She has this Hat in Real life with matching gloves in white of course ..hehehe)) Being she went and graduated from Bradley University .. Go Braves !!!
The Cold and Wind a gal in any world must be prepared !!!
Well Done Tres Beau !! Well Done !!!
Michigan Avenue comes in 13 color combos with nifty boots sold separately!
("someone had to have spiked my eggnog, what was I thinking"...)
Cheers Miss Kimmie .. :)
breezy Loves this ensemble, Beautiful yet adorable .. toasty and warm ..
Next Up we Have a Holiday Classic Gown From 2009 collection..
Only Reason is I am sure Kimmera has more 2010 releases to come
Breey however wanted to get This Marvelous Designer in Her First Annual
12 Days of Fashion .. So Stay tuned to 10 days of Gifts for more
from this Amazing modest Fun Artist and her Amazing World of Tres Beau !!!
This Gorgeous Gown is Called quite fitting "Sleek"
Its Victorian Look is lovely with a hidden surprise in the back ((grins))
Sweet .. "Sleek" is available in Tres Beau's amazing Main Store
and on Market Place ..
Thank YOU Tres Beau and Miss Kimmera for Making The Grid
a whole lot brighter and creative !!
Kudos for going into your Seventh Year On The Grid !!
Merry Christmas & A Happy and Healthy New Year !
Indeed quite Iconic !!
A wee Plug and Just a Tease for the animations and adorable props breezy is using for this blog
From the Magical World of GLITTERATI
The Decorate tree decorating kit -
contains poses for men, women and kids
Breezy is using Glitterati's soon to be released
The Ornament pose props.
Model pack 15
More to come from these Fabulous Designers.. yay !!
More to Come on Glitterati's sale and fun Shop !!!

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