Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day ten of Holiday Gifts A magical hand made CFF Music Box !!!!

Down to the wire For it is December 24th, Christmas Eve
What better close for Holiday Gifts,
then Day ten of Holiday Gifts ! A magical hand made CFF Music Box
easy to give or buy as a gift ..
Miss Canolli has an entire Room dedicated to her fine hand designed
and detailed Music Boxes. The walls are indeed covered
with these most Spectacular Working Jewels of Art!
Each one has its very own Story to tell ..
With details in designs and of course with Sound !!
The scripts of Miss Canolli's sounds are amazing !!!
When one visits her shop, each music box can be rezzed and heard in person !!
The Vendors are user friendly and ready and waiting ...
smiles at Mr Teddy Bear .. trying to catch the butterfly on his nose !
Yes he is a Music Box !!!
No two are alike each one has it's very own song and character in design and creative !!
Ah The Garden Life Size Gazebo is a Favorite of Breezy's
You even get the Ballerina Costume (( designed by Lady Kembri Tomsen ))
shoes and hair ..So YOU become the dancing Ballerina inside this Life Size Music Box
of course dancing animations are included .. It all makes a Perfect Gift !!!
Nothing says Thinking of YOU like CFF fine collectible Music Box ..
available in world ..
and on Market Place
and each hand made In New Babbage by Miss Canolli Capalini herself ..
Ho ho ho and Merry Christmas !!!
Yikes it is getting a little busy in Miss Canolli's Shop
Breezy best run along .. Well this brings Breezy's 2010 Holiday Gift Guide to a Close 
12 days of Holiday Fashions and 10 days of Holiday Gifts
Oh there are so many more ideas and suggestions alas not enough Days ..
as It is Christmas Eve ...
Merry Christmas to All
and a Happy and Healthy New Year to You and Yours ..


RF said...

Great work yet again, Breezy! :)

Breezy Carver said...

looks up and smiles .. Thank YOU Sir :)