Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day Three of Fashion The Dynamic House of RFYRE !!

RFyre Presents
Ginger Winter Holiday Collection Women's Crimson Gown

When Breezy Blogs it is done with and from her Heart
House of RFYRE and it's Creator Raven
Have always had a special Place with Breezy
Perhaps due to the fact is is the very First design House
breezy came across on The Grid
perhaps these are designs that helped create Breezy's avi's
very own look and style .. many years ago :)
The Power and Dynamics of this Most humble, caring and Kind Designer's Designs
continue to impress Breezy year after year ..
Raven is Modest and hard working and dedicated to her RFYRE
in all worlds .. Each Holiday Season there is Magic @ RFYRE !!
Hence why House of Rfyre gets Carol of The Bells
For each collection is a Symphony to all on the grid from
The creative heart of Raven Pennyfeather
Pay attention Ladies and Gentlemen this is the time of year when Raven Releases
Her Grand Slam Designs
(yes yes they each are , but there is something special in the season @ RYRE))
The Most Special Ensembles are put on sale ..
For it is House of RFYRE Signature 24 Days of Christmas
Sure new designers are introduced to the grid and market place daily *smiles*
But We don't forget the Ladies and Gentlemen that have set the Bar ..
Also that have Not bailed on Us and our Little Second life Worlds !!!
This is RFYRE .. This is The World of Miss Raven Penny Pennyfeather
Ginger is now available in The Main store and On Market Place
In Five Classic Rfyre Shades ..
below Breezy is going to share just a few of the Many Genres
Collections available @ House of Rfyre !
Steam punk ... nods .. Its all here !! For Both Ladies and Gentlemen !!
Gothic Always .. again this is a signature House of RFYRE Style !!
Victorian complete with Gowns and Kilts for both ladies and Gentlemen !!
Perhaps the finest Men's and Women's Collections from the Baroque Genre
Indeed Raven has taken us all to The Great Roman Empire
Behold a Photo done & gifted to Breezy by Miss Raven Pennyfeather
oh almost 3 yrs ago .. *smiles* It is the Photo Breezy still uses for her RFL
profile .. It is The First professional Photo ever taken of Breezy
It is the shape she has never changed and this is still the Basic skin she uses most
((no longer made )) but still worn often ..
The Point : True Classic Looks never die or go out of fashion
Nor does the House of RFYE ..
RFyre Ginger Winter Holiday Collection Women's Crimson BOXED
Holiday Winter Formals From The House of RFyre
This holiday collection comes in five luxurious velvets just in time for the busy Christmas season.
Collection Includes:
! RFyre Ginger Women's Crimson: Velvet Bodice Short Sleeved
! RFyre Ginger Women's Crimson: Velvet Bodice Long Sleeved
! RFyre Ginger Women's Crimson:Upper Sleeve Left
! RFyre Ginger Women's Crimson: Upper Sleeve Right
! RFyre Ginger Women's Crimson: White Fur Stole
! RFyre Ginger Women's Crimson: Glitch Pants
! RFyre Ginger Women's Crimson: Thong
! RFyre Ginger Women's Crimson: Gloves
! RFyre Ginger Women's Crimson: Gloves Top Right
! RFyre Ginger Women's Crimson: Gloves Top Left
! RFyre Ginger Women's Crimson: Stockings
! RFyre Ginger Women's Crimson: Full Flex Prim Skirt
Breezy loves her long sleeves and Corsets .. But when it comes to House of RFYRE
gowns Breezy just twirls at the quality of textures, the look, the ebb and flow ..
The stockings the gloves .. smiles ..
Breezy is thrilled with The Ginger Collection and when Given to her by Raven
She twirled and twirled .. and planned on giving it and it's designer
a Most Special Holiday Tribute !!!
So Dear Raven Merry Christmas , Happy Holiday and Healthy Bright
Happy New Year from Breezy to YOU and all of YOURS ..
Thank YOU for all you have made and shall continue to make
Thank YOU for staying on The Grid and continuing to Make Stellar Designs !!
Visit The Island of RFYRE this Holiday Season
A True who's who of Designs
Dance in and enjoy these Spectacular Designers and each
of the Collections this Holiday Season ....


RF said...

Outstanding job once again, Breezy!

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