Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day Three of Holiday Gifts The Extraordinary World of Miss Canolli Capalini

Day Three of Holiday Gifts
The Extraordinary World of
Miss Canolli Capalini
Day 3 of Holiday Gifts Brings us to
The unusual facsimile of works,always with an Artistically Twist of Distinction
none other then, Canolli Capalini Fine Furnishings
owned by New Babbage's very own Miss Canolli Capalini
Example CFF - Ethereal Christmas Tree newly released this Year !!!

Miss Canolli's Main Shop is Just bursting with fun ,beautiful and clever designs .
Capalini Fine Furnishings- Steampunk gothic victorian furniture
music boxes, doll keys, furniture, home furnishings, lighting, clocks, shadow boxes,
globes, avatar accessories, steampunk, victorian, toys, musical instruments, snowglobes,
antiques, gothic, antique music box.....Fine Furnishings for your vintage needs
Ah there is Miss Canolli's kitty Miss Pris Guarding it all .
No she is not for sale .. She is working !!!
Christmas is always Special @ CFF :)
Perhaps one the most spectacular highlights of Miss Canolli's collections are each of her many
very own vintage ..original Music Boxes ..
just a peek for now .. as this is Her Christmas Goodie for 2010
A Giant Wooden Star Puzzle Music Box complete with
Surprise when YOU Solve it !!!
Ah how Breezy loves Miss Canolli's Broken toys .. each one has it's very own character
perfect for gift giving to others or one's self ..
Love love love The Broken Toys !!
Next we come to the now Most Popular Relics of Kodath Customized Tarot Decks ..
You must come to the Main Shop and visit these awesome creations !!
Miss Canolli is also known for her watches. Hand crafted with signature fine details
to craftsmanship and style .. Her jewelery for Ladies and Gentleman
are also quite beautiful and most original .
With easy gifting vendors, all make for the perfect gift !
Her Vendor Rezzers make it easy for all to see each item in pixels
before purchase, also makes for a fun visit to see and interact :)
Aww don't worry Mr. Oliphant you will get a home for Christmas
Look how adorable and Quite Stunning YOU are ..
Breezy gives Mr Oliphant a great big hug !!
There There Mr Rocking not to much longer now ..
You shall be bought and delivered as well for the holiday !!
Miss Canolli is also known of course for Her detailed Fine Furniture
Rich in textures refined with animations that are smooth and once again most special
hand picked for each creative ..
Trust Breezy, she knows .. smiles !
On the wall in the fine vendors are close to twenty different furniture collections
One clicks on the photo and it goes to a full screen to the left and then Like Magic
Rezzes right before the shoppers eyes ..
The shopper can try the animations and either click right on and piece buy
or buy the entire collection via vendor
How's that for service !!!
Indeed come to the Marvelous World of Canolli Capalini Fine Furnishings
Location in The Most Incredible World of New Babbage Canals District
Quality in Creative Distinctive in Design
Always an adventure !!!
also available ((satellite shop)) on market place

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