Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day Two of Holiday Gifts Glitterati Animations

Day Two of Holiday Gifts Glitterati Animations
The Gang @ Glitterati have got to be some of the most fun on the Grid !
How is this for starters their entire Shop ((and it is Big !))
Is on Sale for 50% off ..
Yep You read right .. All animations and props 50% from now to January 1st !!
Indeed there are transfer items and if there are other items you are looking for '
just drop a note card :)
Every single one of the props and or animations are just darling ..
Most props come with min of 4 to the larger ones with 9 to 12 different poses
Yay! and Ho ho ho !!
Please don't miss this sale !!
Looks like little breezy needs a bit of rest to recharge , been running in all words
so much to do, so little time. Make the best and enjoy this holiday Season
For it's Spirit really does resides in each of our hearts !!
All one has to do is listen and let it out ..
Avoid the negative, Live, do & give with Compassion it really is not too hard to do !!
Most important have some fun!!!
Visit Glitterati today !!

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